Tone Tuesday

Date Title
04/18/17 Hangin’ With Jimmy Somma of Sommatone Amplification
10/17/16 The Texas Storm 1x15 Combo from Homestead Amps
10/11/16 The Homestead Amps Lineup
05/17/16 How I Got The Tone In “Heavy Swing Blues Rhythms - Volume 1”
04/05/16 D’Angelico EX-SS Demo
03/22/16 Lovepedal Super Six “Stevie” Mod Demo
02/08/16 Dissecting Hendrix with Isolation in Capo
06/23/15 Behind The TXBA Curtain
03/10/15 Wampler Pedals Plexi-Drive Deluxe Demo
11/18/14 The Fuchs Blackjack-21 (is no gamble)
11/04/14 Master Your Pedalboard With The Yoke 5 Loop Switcher
10/28/14 The Ultimate Tone Saving Tool: A Guitar Buffer
10/21/14 What Exactly Does A Buffered Pedal Do, And Should You Care?
10/14/14 Guitar Cable Brand -vs- Length
10/07/14 Does Cable Length Really Matter For Guitar?
09/15/14 Wampler Clarksdale Delta Overdrive
09/08/14 Taming The Ditto Looper For Blues
09/02/14 BK Butler Tube Driver Demo
08/25/14 Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines
08/18/14 Why I Use A Blocked Tremolo Instead of Floating
08/12/14 How and Why To Set The Action On A Strat For Blues
08/05/14 4 Steps To Choosing An Overdrive Pedal
07/28/14 The 3 Primary Uses For Overdrive Pedals
07/01/14 EarthQuaker Devices The Depths Demo
06/24/14 EarthQuaker Devices Palisades Demo
06/17/14 JHS / EHX Soul Food Shootout
06/10/14 EHX Soul Food Demo
05/26/14 Wampler Ego Compressor Demo
05/20/14 Wampler Velvet Fuzz Demo
05/13/14 Ibanez JD9 Jet Driver Demo
05/06/14 Wampler Plexi-Drive Demo
01/15/13 Zexcoil Hum-Canceling Pickups
02/03/12 Samamp VAC 40 Series 2 Demo
06/26/11 Holy Fire Overdrive Demo
05/25/11 MK.4.23 Boost Demo
05/18/11 AxeTrak Isolation / Recording Guitar Speaker Cabinet
02/14/11 McWah Wah Pedal Demo
02/07/11 Pedaltrain Pedalboards Pro & Mini
01/23/11 Visual Sound Angry Fuzz Demo
12/27/10 Wampler Ecstasy / Fulltone PlimSoul Comparison
12/19/10 Wampler Pedals Ecstasy Overdrive Demo
12/14/10 SRV / KWS Strat Comparison
12/06/10 SRV Strat Highlights
11/10/10 Fulltone PlimSoul Review
10/05/10 DLS RotoSIM Leslie Simulator Pedal
04/16/10 Understanding Tube Amps: Effects Loops
03/25/10 Understanding Tube Amps: Attenuators
03/24/10 Bill M. Blues Jr. Mods Review
02/07/10 Understanding Tube Amps: Volume
01/11/10 Understanding Tube Amps: The Distortion Chain
12/29/09 Understanding Tube Amps: Preamp and Power Tubes
12/26/09 Understanding Tube Amps: Structure
12/21/09 Understanding Tube Amps:  Why Tube Amps?
12/01/09 Stauffer Guitars Legend Model Profile
11/24/09 Fender Blues Junior Tweed NOS Profile
11/19/09 Don Grosh Retro Classic Profile
10/15/09 Samamp VAC 23 Guitar Amp
07/17/09 Fender Kenny Wayne Shepherd Strat Demo
01/05/09 Holy Fire Overdrive / Distortion Demo
07/26/08 Blues Junior Shootout
11/14/07 Fender Blues Junior - Tone!!!