Tone Tuesday

The 3 Primary Uses For Overdrive Pedals


Jul 28th, 2014

Before you choose an overdrive pedal, you should know how to use one. I'll show you the 3 primary uses for overdrive pedals in this video. You'll learn how the distortion in the pedal interacts with the distortion in the amp and how to adjust the settings based on which kind of tone you want.

Here are the basic steps described in the video for each of the 3 primary uses of overdrive pedals.


  1. Set Amp Dirty
  2. Set Pedal Clean
  3. Set Volume For Boost
  4. Set Tone To Match

Partial Gain

  1. Set Amp Partly Dirty
  2. Set Pedal Partly Dirty†
  3. Set Volume For Small Boost
  4. Set Tone To Match

Full Gain

  1. Set Amp Clean
  2. Set Pedal Dirty
  3. Set Volume Even
  4. Set Tone To Match