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Blues Guitar Courses For Serious Players
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Mayer’s Influence: Bring Me Down
Put A Little Gravity Into Your Soloing
Texas Blues Speed Workshop - Volume 2
Taking It To The Next (3) Levels
Texas Blues Speed Workshop - Volume 1
The road to faster blues guitar starts here.
Jimi’s Influence Volume 2
Minor blues all the way down.
Jimi’s Influence
You know his rock, now learn his blues
Slight Return
In The Style of "Voodoo Child (slight return)"


Shorter Blues Guitar Courses If You're In A Hurry
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Texas Shuffle Rhythms - Vol. 1
Learn to play that wide open rhythm style from Pride And Joy.
Boogie Blues Breakdown #1
Learn a 14 Chorus Performance In The Style of Rude Mood
Boogie Blues Quick Fix #1
Study a **Rude Mood** style performance at a comfortable tempo.
Boogie Blues Rhythms - Vol. 1
Start learning boogie blues guitar at a tempo you can actually play.
Bold As Love Song Guide
Learn the sound and feel of this Hendrix Classic.
Thanksgiving Ballad 2016 Quick Fix
A Full Performance Deconstructed Lick By Lick