About Texas Blues Alley

Texas Blues Alley is a place where guitar players who are serious about their craft can learn, improve, and be inspired.

TXBA Today

Texas Blues Alley was created for Texas Blues fanatics, by a Texas Blues fanatic. It is home to over 100 hours of amazing blues guitar courses, a huge collection of free blues guitar lessons, and much more. These courses and lessons represent over 10 years of work, and have made TXBA one of the top resources for blues guitar instruction in the world.


About Me

Anthony Stauffer

My name is Anthony Stauffer, and I created everything you'll find here at Texas Blues Alley, including the website. I am a guitar player, Texas Blues fan, teacher by nature, and a huge nerd.

Texas Blues Alley allows me to combine my passion for teaching, blues guitar, and technology, and I've been enjoying this journey since 2007.

I live in State College, PA, with my wife Lori and our two sons.

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Before StevieSnacks

The following video was created in May of 2015, and explains my backstory and guitar journey.

From StevieSnacks to Texas Blues Alley

This video explains the history of how I got into this business, and how Texas Blues Alley was born.

About Stevie

Stevie Ray Vaughan was my biggest influence at a time where I desperately needed some kind of outlet. As a college student I began to battle depression, I just didn’t know it. Actually I didn’t even know what depression was, nobody talked about it when I was growing up. All I knew was that certain days were just....bad.

I discovered Stevie Ray Vaughan’s music during the summer before my first year of college. It didn’t take at first, but later that year I rented the El Mocambo video and as I watched him play Texas Flood, something changed.

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