Join The TXBA Email List

Join The TXBA Email List

Did you know I've published over 50 free videos in the last year?

Social Media has made it impossible for me to reliably reach every follower and subscriber. I hear from people all the time who missed fairly large announcements, even though they follow me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Simply put: direct email is the ONLY reliable way that I can tell you about new free lessons, courses, or anything else happening at TXBA.

If you join our list, you will get about ONE email per WEEK, with a list of updates about new things at TXBA. That's it.

But Wait, There's More!!!

How does free blues backing tracks sound?

You want free backing tracks, and I want you to open and read our emails. So I'm going to start giving away backing tracks, usually in the style of your favorite blues songs.

Here's the catch: you have to open and read our emails to find out how to get them. That's all.

So make sure .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) is in your contacts list, and watch for our weekly email.

Once a month, at the bottom of one of our emails, I'll have a download link for a new blues backing track.

If you miss that email, you'll miss the track.

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