Answers to the most common questions at TXBA.


We sell several things:

  • Courses - we have a large catalog of find blues guitar instructional video courses.
  • Membership - we have a membership program called TXBA Locals that gives you access to all our courses online.

A downloadable course is a course that download from our site, onto your computer. Instead of receiving a physical product like a DVD, you receive video, sound, and tablature files that you keep on your computer. All our courses are now downloadable only, we do not sell DVDs.

If you're buying a physical product (shirt, mug, strings, etc...), you can find out what the exact shipping charges will by by adding all the items to your cart, then begin the checkout process. You'll see the final amount, including shipping charges, before you submit any payment information.

These files contain only the support materials (tablature, mp3s, etc..), but none of the lesson videos.

Absolutely. You'll just need some DVD burning software that can handle Quicktime videos. Here's a few suggestions.

We have not used either of these tools, but they come from reputable companies with a track record of good quality software.

If you've forgotten your password, check out the guide for resetting your TXBA Account Password.

Contact us via the support page as soon as possible, especially if you ordered a physical product (shirt, mug, etc...). We may still be able to change your order before it ships out.

TXBA is made up of "places", and The Woodshed is the place on TXBA where you can find all of our lessons and courses. Inside The Woodshed, you'll find:

Each course has its own page, and the page for each course will show you all the different ways you can purchase it.

Sometimes when a big new course is coming out, we'll offer a pre-order price. But aside from that we don't run sales or promotions. In addition, we don't have the capability of offering military or student discounts because we don't have any way to verify qualification.

If your card is declined during checkout for a specific reason (invalid card or security number, etc...), you'll see that error on the payment page.

But if you get a generic "your card was declined" message without any specific information, there's not much we can do help. In these cases you should call the bank that issued the card to see if they can give you any information.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Absolutely. You'll see a green indicator in the address bar. This green indicator means that your transaction is encrypted and secure. In addition, your card number is never stored on our server or in our database.

All courses include Quicktime video files, some include backing tracks (mp3 files), and a lot of them include tablature (GuitarPro and PDF format).

All the files for a course are delivered together in one big zip file. This makes it easy to download everything you need for each course all at once.

Our lesson videos are in Quicktime format (.mov).

If you are using a Mac, no. If you are using Windows, you can use iTunes or Quicktime, both available for free from Apple. If you are using Linux, you can use the VLC Player.

No. The videos have no copy protection, or DRM. While I do hope my customers don't share their purchases with others, DRM is annoying and only makes the experience of using vidoes terrible for people who purchased legally, so I don't use it.

All the courses you purchased are listed on your My Courses page. You can re-download the files from that page.

If you don't see a course that you purchased listed on that page, please contact support.

Most courses that teach "what" to play (solos, etc..) include tablature. However, you should check the details on that course page to make sure.

Tablature is distributed in GuitarPro 6 format (.gpx), and in PDF format. If you do not own GuitarPro, you do not need to buy it because the PDF tablature is identical.

You will need a high speed connection to download these courses. Any cable internet connection should be fine, and most DSL should work as well (but a bit slower). Dialup or satellite connections won't work very well at all.

A fast cable connection can download these files in just minutes, a DLS connection will take longer. With a slow dialup or satellite connection, these downloads can take many hours. During that time, the connection could drop and the download will fail.

Each course is packaged as a big Zip file, and these can range in size from 500MB up to 2GB+ depending on the length of the course.

Each course is packaged as a big Zip file. This zip file contains all the videos and other materials for the course.

A zip file is kind of like a folder that contains a bunch of files. It allows us to put all the files for an entire course together into one big file, making it easier for you to download everything all at once.

These files contain all videos, mp3s, tablature, etc... for the entire course.

They are Quicktime videos (.mov).

  • On Windows, you need iTunes (or just the Quicktiem player), available for free from Apple here.
  • On Mac OSX, you can play the videos with iTunes or Quicktime (installed by default on every Mac).
  • On iOS, the videos will play without any additional software needed.
  • On Linux, use the wonderful VLC Player.
  • On Android, try the VLC for Android Player.

If you experience any of the following problems, please let us know so we can help you.

  • Audio/Video out of sync
  • Video doesn't play smoothly
  • Video is blank, no audio
  • Weird artifacts in the video.
  • Video stops partway through

Most of these problems can be solved by simply upgrading to the latest version of iTunes or Quicktime, but they can also be caused by trying to play vidoes that did not download completely.

In any case, let us know what you're seeing, and we'll be happy to help you figure it out.

The easiest way to play videos in slow motion on Windows or Mac, is to install the free VLC Player. Open your videos in VLC, and then click the "Playback" menu. You'll see a speed control right in the menu.

We need to write a guide for this, when we do it will be linked here.

I honestly don't know. Windows Media Player was created by Microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the world, yet it is incapable of reliably playing Quicktime files. If you're using Windows Media Player to play our course videos, I can almost guarantee you'll have problems.

These files GuitarPro files. GuitarPro is a program for Mac, Windows, and iOS that allows you to read, but also hear the notes as they play. The Mac and Windows software can also be used to create tablature.

PDF files are a standard document format that can be viewed and printed on pretty much every type of computer or device.

If all you want to do is look at or print the tablature, no. But if you want to be able to play the tablature, and hear the notes, GuitarPro is great for that. You can find out more at the GuitarPro website.

We need to write a guide for this. When we do, we'll put a link here.

MP3s are audio files. In our courses, we create MP3s of the backing tracks and demonstrations. MP3s should play in almost any media player on any kind of device. You can put them on your phone, tablet.

Yes. You can burn the backing tracks and demonstration MP3s onto a playable CD using iTunes.

The PDF version of the tablature should open on any mobile device. The GuitarPro tablature files can be opened on iOS or Android devices using the GuitarPro app for each platform.

TXBA Locals is a subscription program that allows you to view all TXBA courses online using our Pro Player tool.

Currently, we have one membership level. The Nickel membership plan costs $19.99/month (USD).

You pay for each month up front, so the minimum commitment is one month.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime, and your subscription will stop auto-renewing at the end of the current billing cycle.

There are 3 primary benefits of being a TXBA Local:

  • Watch every course on TXBA, and new courses added while you're a member.
  • Watch anything on the site using our Pro Player with looping, slow motion, and interactive tablature.
  • Save 10% if you decided to buy any courses to keep.

You'll immediately have access to any new courses that we release while you are a member.

Right now, we're averaging about one new Mini-Course per month, and a new Full Course once or twice per year. This will dramatically increase when our new studio is finished in late 2015.

There's a members-only section on TXBA called Locals. Inside Locals we have a tool that lets you explore all the courses (and every other type of content on TXBA) all in one super fast browser. You can access it here.

It's kind of like renting a movie vs buying it. If you buy a course from TXBA, you own it and can watch it forever. When you join TXBA Locals, it's like you're renting everything we have for one monthly price. When you stop paying the subscription fee, you don't keep anything.

Kind of, but what you're really paying for is the ability to watch them online using our Pro Player. The more courses you already own, the less valuable a TXBA Locals membership is.

No. Anyone can buy courses, whether they are a member of TXBA Locals or not.

Yes. If you join TXBA Locals, you can buy courses (and you'll get a slight discount).

Why would you buy a course if you're already paying a subscription fee to watch everything? You you may find a course that you really like so much that you want to keep it forever, even if you cancel your membership.

It means that everything you need to watch the course is right on our website. You don't have to install any software, download any files, or keep track of anything. You simply find a course you want to watch, and start watching it right on the site.

The Pro Player is a tool that we built into our website that organizes all the materials for a course into one window for you. It has some advanced learning tools like slow motion, looping, chapter markers, and interactive tablature.

No. The Pro Player is a part of the TXBA website, so everything happens right inside your browser.

Absolutely. You can sign-in to your TXBA Locals membership from all your computers and mobile devices.

This FAQ is about the Pro Player, the tool that members of our TXBA Locals program use to watch courses online.

The ProPlayer is an online tool for viewing videos, backing tracks, tablature and PDFs. It is part of the TXBA website and members of our TXBA Locals program use it to view our courses online.

The Pro Player will work on any computer with a modern browser. We recommend:

  • Google Chrome (Mac or Windows)
  • Safari (Mac only)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Mac or Windows)
  • Internet Explorer (Windows only)

No. Flash is terrible. The Pro Player uses HTML 5 video and audio.

All the materials for a course can be viewed in the Pro Player. This includes:

  • Videos
  • MP3s
  • Interactive Tablature
  • PDF Diagrams / Exercises

Looping works for video and audio. You can also create loops in the tablature viewer by selecting a section of the tablature which will cause it to loop automatically.

Chapters are predefined "bookmarks" in videos that allow you to skip right to a specific part. The Pro Player has a chapter button that displays a list of any chapters we've created for the video you're watching.

Yes. Slow Motion will work on any computer or tablet, but will not work well on smartphones because smartphones usually force the video to play in fullscreen mode which covers up the slow motion controls.

We provide our videos with several different levels of quality. If the video looks slightly blurry or grainy, check to make sure the resolution is not set to 270p or 360p. These are really low quality versions that should only be used as a last resort. 720p is usually the best quality to use.

The video playback might not be smooth if your connection is not fast enough, or if your computer isn't powerful enough to play the higher resolution (HD) versions of the videos. In either case, try choosing a lower resolution (480p, 360p, or 270p) which should fix the problem.

Yes. The Pro Player should work great on any modern tablet.

Yes, but with a few limitations. Most smartphones will force videos to play in fullscreen mode. That means that our looping, slow-motion, and chapter controls can't be accessed while the video is playing. However, they will play just fine.

A TXBA Account is an account that you create on our website. You only need to create an account if you want to buy something, or to join the TXBA Locals program. When you create an account for the first time, you'll use your email address as your username, and choose a password.

Each time you buy a course, you'll have to sign-in to your account first. That way, your account page can display all your past orders with download links in case you need to re-download anything in the future.

No. Creating the account is free. You only pay money when you buy a course, or sign up for TXBA Locals.

Yes. You can watch all free content on the site without having an account.

If you've previously created an account, you cannot re-register with the same email address. If you try to create a new account with the same email address, you'll get an error message. If that's the case, you need to sign-in with your existing account instead of creating a new account.

We created a new version of our store and account system in July of 2014. If you had an account with our store before that, you'll need to re-register. We could not migrate all the old accounts over to the new system. Use the same email address to make sure we can find any old orders if you need support.

It's possible that your order receipt email was flagged as spam. Check your spam folder and see if it's there. If you dont' find it, you can always check your orders page and see if the order is listed there. If it's not, let us know.

Just visit your My Courses page and you'll see all the courses from all your orders listed there. Click the Downloads button next to the course you purchased to view a list of available downloads.

First, check your My Courses page to see if the course is listed there. If it is, you can simply re-download it from there. If the course isn't listed, it might be from an older order that's not in our system. Contact us via the Support Page so we can lookup your order and provide a new set of downloads.

Yes, but we'll have to look up your order. Contact us via the Support Page so we can lookup your order and provide a new set of downloads.

If a single course downlod takes more than an hour to complete, there's probably something wrong with the connection. This could be a problem with your connection, or in rare cases, a problem with our servers. There are three steps we recommend you try first:

  • Restart (unplug, replug) your cable or dsl modem, and router. Then try to download the files again.
  • Restart your computer, then retry.
  • Wait 24 hours and try the downloads again.

If none of that works, contact us via the Support Page, and we'll investigate the problem further and help you find a solution.

Most of the time this error is caused when the file has not downloaded correctly. The easiest way to try and fix this is to simply download it again. If you try this and it still doesn't work, contact us via the Support Page and we'll work with you until it's fixed.

Sometimes when you click the link to download a course zip file, your browser will start downloading it without asking you where you want to save it. If this happens, the file will be saved to your default downloads folder. You can usually find this in the browser preferences, but you can also use your computer's search function to find where that file has been saved.

If you're trying to access your downloads for an order placed BEFORE 7/24/14, you'll need to contact us via the Support page and let us know. We'll look up your order and generate a new download link for you.

If you're trying to download courses you purchased AFTER 7/24/14, you can find them on your My Courses page.

No. Our courses were available on DVD for many years, but when the TXBA Locals program launched in 2015, most people started joining that and DVDs sales slowed to a crawl, so we discontinued DVDs in Spring 2016.