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Watch everything, learn faster.

TXBA Locals is a membership program that gives you access to everything (all courses, and all other videos) on TXBA, and allows you to watch them using the TXBA Pro Player, an exclusive online media player with advanced learning tools like interactive tablature, slow-motion, and looping.

Take a look at the benefits of the program below.

  • Watch Everything

    As a member of the TXBA Locals, you'll have access to every course on TXBA.

    You can quickly browse through every course and video on the site using our nifty browser, for Locals only.

  • Learn Faster

    You'll watch courses in the TXBA Pro Player with advanced tools that help you learn faster.

TXBA Pro Player

The TXBA Pro Player is our exclusive online media player that's packed with advanced learning tools that help you learn faster than you thought possible.

  • Looping

    Put that lick on repeat. Click start, stop, and loop - it's that easy.

  • Instant Loops

    What if you could get the loop exactly right..... with just one click? With Instant Loops, you can.

  • Slow Motion

    Next to looping, slow motion is one of the most useful learning tools you can have. The Pro Player allows you to slow down any audio or video, down to 50% speed.

  • Video Zoom

    Get a closer look at that picking angle, or zoom in on that fretting hand.

  • Chapters

    Quickly navigate long lesson videos with chapter markers that take you to the start of each new section.

  • Lefty View

    We haven't forgotten about our left-handed friends. You can flip any video to lefty view with a single click.

  • SoundSlice Tablature

    The Pro Player presents tablature using the SoundSlice player. Play the tablature with synchronized audio straight from the demonstration. Slow it down, and the audio slows down too. And it works just fine on tablets.

Membership Details

Here's a complete list of membership benefits, and cost.

Nickel Level 1
Watch Everything
All Full Courses Over 75 hours of premium courses
All Mini-Courses A growing collection of short courses
Learn Faster
Basic Looping Loop any section of any video.
Instant Loop Loop over any lick with a single click.
Slow Motion Slow down any video or audio.
Video Zoom Zoom in on any part of the video.
Chapters Quickly navigate long lesson videos.
Lefty View Flip videos to lefty view.
Interactive Tablature Powered by SoundSlice
Store Discount
Discount On All Purchases Save on anything you decided to buy.
$19.99 monthly
billed automatically, cancel anytime

If you're ready to take your learning experience to the next level, stop being a tourist, and become a TXBA Local.

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