TXBA Locals

Don't just visit Texas Blues Alley,
come on home, and be a Local

Benefits Of Being A Local

  • Courses

    Access All The Courses

    You'll have access to our entire library of courses. Over 150 hours of instruction, all created for Texas Blues fanatics.

    • Fretboard Navigation Courses
    • Blues Soloing courses for Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Albert, B.B. & Freddie King, John Mayer, and Eric Clapton.
    • Speed-Buiding Courses
    • Blues Rhythm Courses
    • Technique Deep-dive courses
  • Tools

    Use The Best Tools For Studying

    Our exclusive TXBA Pro Player offers powerful tools to help you learn more, faster.

    You can browse the entire list of Pro Player features below, but if you want to see it in action, check out our Pro Player Orientation videos.

    • TXBA Courses
      • Watch Course Videos
      • Play Backing Track MP3s
      • Study SoundSlice Interactive Tablature
      • View/Print PDFs
    • YouTube Videos
      • Search YouTube for videos to study.
      • Bookmark YouTube videos for future access.
      • Browse our Imported Videos collection.
      • Study YouTube videos with Advanced Study Tools.
    • 100% Web Based
      • No software to download or install.
      • Work in any modern web browser.
      • Study from any computer or device you have.
      • No materials to keep track of, it's always online.
    • Mobile Support
      • Study from any modern smartphone or tablet.
      • Responsive interface works on even the smallest phone screens.
      • Almost all features work on every device.
    • Advanced Study Tools
      • Use Chapter markers to navigate long videos.
      • Use Slow-Motion to see (and hear) each note..
      • Isolate the tricky parts with A/B Looping.
      • Use Video Zoom to get a closer look.
      • Lefty players? No problem, just use Lefty View to flip it.
    • Tablature Features
      • Almost every course includes note-for-note tablature.
      • Tablature is presented in the interactive SoundSlice player.
      • Choose audio or video to sync with tablature.
      • Select and loop any section of tablature.
      • Slow down tablature and follow along easily.
      • See notes on fretboard as tablature plays.
    • Use Instant Loops
      • Use hundreds of pre-defined loops in our courses.
      • No guessing, or rewinding to get the right loops.
      • Get the perfect loop with a single click.
    • Create Your Own Loops
      • Create your own list of instant loops for any video.
      • Enhance YouTube videos with your own custom loop.
      • Save your list of loops for each video.
      • Browse loops created by other members.
    • Loop Stacking
      • Combine Instant Loops to form longer loops.
      • Easily loop over a range of Instant Loops.
      • Integrate newly learned licks with previous licks.
    • Browser
      • Quickly browse and search all courses and videos on TXBA.
      • Search YouTube for videos to bookmark.
      • Apply multiple filters and keywords.
      • Filter by Artist, Song Style, Musical Style, Difficulty and more.
      • Add courses or videos to your favorites list right from search results.
    • Spider Drills Tool
      • Visual guide to help you do spider drills daily.
      • Choose any or all of 24 combinations.
      • Dots move in sync with click.
      • Progress bar shows how far you have left to go.
    • Other Features
      • Built-In Tuner for E, E-Flat and D.
      • Ask questions and get answers right inside the player.

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