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Tourists come and go, but Locals call this home.
Gain instant access to the largest collection of Texas Blues guitar courses in the world, and start learning faster than you thought possible.

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What Is The TXBA Locals Program?

  • TXBA Locals is our membership program.
  • Members get 24/7 access to every course on TXBA.
  • Members get enhanced online tools for studying the courses.
  • Members get 30% off anything they buy (strings, merch, courses to keep).
  • Members can join the TXBA Locals Forums, a community of like-minded guitar players.
  • The cost is $19.99/month, with semi-annual or annual options available.

What's The Difference Between Buying Courses & Joining the TXBA Locals?

Some people want to buy courses, other people want to join the Locals. What's the difference? And which is the best option for you? Let's compare both options.

Option 1
Buy Courses
Option 2
TXBA Locals
Buy Courses Pay Subscription
Pay full price for purchases Use 30% Member Discount on purchases.
Access to Your Courses Access to ALL Courses
Download Your Courses No Downloading
Watch Your Courses Online Watch All Courses Online
Basic Pro Player Enhanced Pro Player
- TXBA Locals Forums

Pro Player Differences

Both options give you the ability to watch courses online, but the TXBA Locals program comes with some enhanced features that make the learning process much more efficient.

Here's a table comparing which features are available for customers who buy courses, and which features are only available for TXBA Locals.

Pro Player Feature Comparison
Buy Courses
TXBA Locals
Online Viewing
Only Your Courses
All Courses
A/B Looping
Lefty View
PDF Tabs
SoundSlice Tabs
Instant Loops
Loop Stacking (new)
YouTube Import (new)
Video Zoom
Content Browser
Favorites List
Built-In Tuner (new)
Spider Drills Tool (new)

Which Option Is Best For You?

If you're having trouble deciding which option is best for you, here's are some recommendations based on my interactions with customers and members over the years.

Buy Courses if... Join TXBA Locals if...
You prefer to own what you pay for. You prefer to subscribe for access to everything.
You like to download and keep the stuff you buy. You don't care about downloading or keeping courses.
You prefer to work on one course for long periods of time. You like having access to every course we have.
The basic Pro Player features are enough for you. You like having all the best features of the Pro Player.
You don't want to be part of a community at TXBA. You want to belong to the TXBA Locals community.

Pro Player Features

The TXBA Pro Player is our exclusive online media player that's packed with advanced learning tools that help you learn faster than you thought possible.

  • Chapters

    Quickly navigate long lesson videos with chapter markers that take you to the start of each new section.

  • A/B Looping

    Put that lick on repeat. Click start, stop, and loop - it's that easy.

  • Slow Motion

    Next to looping, slow motion is one of the most useful learning tools you can have. The Pro Player allows you to slow down any audio or video, down to 50% speed.

  • Lefty View

    We haven't forgotten about our left-handed friends. You can flip any video to lefty view with a single click.

  • Instant Loops *

    (TXBA Locals Only)

    What if you could get the loop exactly right..... with just one click? With Instant Loops, you can.

  • Video Zoom *

    (TXBA Locals Only)

    Get a closer look at that picking angle, or zoom in on that fretting hand.

  • SoundSlice Tablature *

    (TXBA Locals Only)

    The Pro Player presents tablature using the SoundSlice player. Play the tablature with synchronized audio straight from the demonstration. Slow it down, and the audio slows down too. And it works just fine on tablets.

  • Content Browser *

    (TXBA Locals Only)

    Quickly find any course or video on TXBA using the built-in content browser.

  • Comments, Q&A *

    (TXBA Locals Only)

    Get help with the course you're working on without leaving the player.

  • Favorites List *

    (TXBA Locals Only)

    Add your favorite courses (or anything else) to your favorites list for quick access.

Are you ready to take your playing to the next level, and start learning faster than you thought possible?

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