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Free Lesson Friday Blues Guitar Lessons

Free Lesson Friday is a growing collection of 200+ free blues guitar lessons.

Here you'll find over 36 hours of free video lessons covering a variety topics including rhythm, soloing, phrasing, technique, and even a little philosophy. This collection of online guitar lessons will keep you busy for a long time.

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Learn Blues Licks

Monster Blues Licks (16)

Not for the faint of heart, this collection of free lessons showcases the fastest, most difficult blues licks ever featured in Free Lesson Friday.

Advanced Blues Licks (72)

These are licks that will challenge advanced players who already have pretty good speed and technique.

Intermediate Blues Licks (106)

These lessons teach licks that are approachable for players who are at an intermediate level.

Beginner Blues Licks (7)

These are blues licks that are simple, and taught slowly for beginners.


Lesson Topics

Blues Chords Lessons (23)

This is a collection of lessons that focuses on rhythms that use chords, usually incorporating Hendrix-style embellishments.

Blues Rhythm Lessons (51)

Rhythm guitar is an important part of blues, and this collection of free lessons is all about learning to play better blues rhythm guitar.

Blues Soloing Lessons (40)

These lessons are all about blues soloing. Tips, tricks and techniques for playing better solos.

Blues Turnarounds Lessons (7)

Here's a collection of lessons about the blues turnaround, that little twist at the end of a 12 bar sequence.

Song Guide Lessons (6)

Here are some free lesson samples from our Song Guide courses, which teach you a high-level overview of a certain song.


Popular Series

Hendrix "Machine Gun" Vamping (4)

A series of lessons about improvising over a single chord, ala "Machine Gun" by Jimi Hendrix. Learn ideas for soloing with this call-and-response style.

Improve Your Phrasing (5)

Phrasing is another somewhat abstract concept that is kind of hard to explain. What licks you play, how you connect them, and the "story" they tell are all part of your phrasing. But where do you start? In this series of free lessons, I'll show you one of the first things you should focus on: where you end each lick, based on what chord you're playing over.

Philosophy Friday (20)

These lessons deal with the mental and emotional side of playing the blues. Understanding why you do what you do can make your guitar journey much more fulfilling. And making sure that you're motivated by the right things can ensure that you don't end up unhappy after chasing a dream for decades.

Playing With Soul (7)

What does it mean to play with soul? How do you make your playing more soulful? It might seem like an abstract concept, but there are several very real things you can focus on to make your playing more soulful.



Blues Bending Lessons (11)

These lessons are about the art of bending, inspired by artists like Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and others.

Blues Technique Lessons (15)

If tone is in the hands, then technique is what gives you great tone. These lessons are about various aspects of technique including picking, vibrato, muting and raking.

Technique Drills (7)

These drills will help you improve your picking technique, dexterity and endurance.