TXBA Locals Member Testimonials

Wondering if the TXBA Locals program is right for you?
Read what our members have to say about the program and how it has affected their playing.

“Back in the Dark Ages, my French teacher at NCSU told the class that people that whio were good at math were also good at music and vice versa. We are fortunate to have a musician with engineering (math) background here at TBA. The courses here are designed efficiently, logically and effectively.”

-- Drew Haney , 07/26/2020

“I’ve been following Anthony for several years and bought several of his courses and became a local. I must say my playing has become more fluid and my leads are now based on a solid foundation of the boxes, the essential licks and my own style. I can’t give enough credit to this web site.”

-- David a Hough , 07/17/2020

“Just wanted to let you know that I have spent an hour or so going through some of the material to “test the water” and I’ve already broken out of a rut I’ve been stuck in for ages…I’ve been working off a bunch of YouTube videos for a while and all it’s been doing is teaching me to play what the guy on the screen plays…this first hour with TXBA is already opening up my improvisation skills…loving it mate, thanks heaps.”

-- Dan Owttrim , 05/04/2020

“I am a long time admirer and customer from your Stevie Snack and DVD past courses. I just now joined the locals, because my wife and I retired a few months ago (I am 63) and I actually may have some quality time to put into my guitar passion now.

I just wanted to tell you that I have always seen your courses as the highest quality of guitar teaching methods overall and believe me I have consumed many over the years. Now that I have taken a peek inside the locals…I am blown away at what is available to me at my screen.

You have taken the teaching artform to the ultimate level. I am looking forward to many hours in the “Woodshed”. Thank you for sharing your passion. “

-- Russ Schreibman , 02/21/2020

“I have been a customer of TXBA for several years. What started as a great free resource via “Free Lesson Friday” quickly made me become a customer, after seeing the amount of content available to the locals I had to join. TXBA is a great starting block for beginning players and a great encyclopedia for advanced players looking to study up the blues greats. Side note: Anthony’s personal messages and responses to Local’s posts make you feel like you are in fact a “local” thanks for a great year! “

-- Vaughn Rohrdanz , 01/01/2020

“I joined TXBA locals yesterday! Today my fingers are RAW! The jump start I needed is here and it’s a lot of bang for the buck!”

-- Bill Tate , 12/27/2019

“I have purchased DVDs when TXBA was selling them, downloaded, subscription and I am now a proud local, I have tried “Many”, online courses but I always come back here, TXBA, home of the Texas blues, God Bless Texas and James Butler Bonham!”

-- james bonham II , 12/23/2019

“Hello, I purchased your product some time ago, and have only had time to work with 1 video, Clapton’s influence. It really helped me a lot in that previously I played crossroads much differently. I was all over the neck, and you are much more concise about your movement about the neck. I love the nuances. I missed so much, and you have just brought it all together for me. I am not very good with the hardware. I saw the video from 2019 Thanksgiving, and I do understand how the players produced their videos. “

-- Paul Dingman , 12/09/2019

“Only been a member for a short time (two and a half weeks), but I can say for certain that my playing has improved. I’m trying not to go too fast. Practice, practice, practice.

It’s tempting to click everything, watch a little, play a little, move on, but that’s a mistake. I have like 3 basic courses (texas shuffle rhythms, five essential box licks, and heavy swing blues) as favorites in the Pro Player (which is an awesome app by the way) and those 3 are more than adequate to keep me busy for a while. I went through the grip essentials video as well to help with that. HUGE HELP!!

My tone is improving because I’m learning to attack the strings properly and mute the strings properly for the “the shuffle” with a proper grip. Been struggling with that for years. Love where my rhythm improvements are being made also. Feel like I play the texas shuffle and swing style better and improvise better on the fly. That’s always been a challenge of mine.

Bottom line - TXBA - Highly recommended. “

-- BV from Maryland , 11/13/2019

“Having gone through many of the lessons and songs in TXBA, I have found that the strategies used by Anthony can apply to many other styles of guitar playing. This has been a real eye-opener. For example, If I jam with friends I can easily employ concepts I have learned here!”

-- Dan Ferguson , 11/05/2019
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“After learning on an acoustic for 7 years, I decided to get an electric and focus on learning to play blues in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan, whom I’ve always admired. I was going along kind of just learning things in bits and pieces from various videos on YouTube, but I wasn’t making significant and steady progress.

Then I came across TXBA on YouTube and liked what I saw so I decided to try the Locals program. It seemed an easy decision given that it was not a huge financial investment.

So far, I’m very much enjoying the lessons and the website. I especially like that there are many technique-oriented lessons to play in this style of blues and there are more than enough song courses to keep me busy. I’ve just learned a solo (my first) in the style of Texas Flood. Before TXBA, I don’t think I would’ve been able to pull it off as easily. Anthony has built the Pro Player to give students a phenomenal tool to learn with. I feel that as long as I supply the commitment, Anthony will be supplying the tools and content that I need to grow.

Other things I like: the forums where you can get questions answered, the “influences” courses, the speed course, essential techniques, song guides, and heavy blues rhythms course.

In all honesty, every day I look forward to coming home from work and practicing. It’s that good!”

-- Enrique , 10/29/2019

“So…Anthony has just revamped his original 5 Boxes Essential Licks with demos and tabs…The entire collection breakdown is like this - Lesson 1: Building Block Licks - the fundamentals Because of Anthony’s other courses, I can play songs like “Texas Flood”, “Tin Pan Alley”, “Pride and Joy”. But here is the cool thing with this Lesson, I now understand beginning licks, continuation licks, and ending licks…and so this helps with improvising in the context of these songs and so I can sound “close” and convey the feeling of the solos.

  • Lesson 2 - are more Major sounding licks and double stops. These are good and I see applied to songs like “Tin Pan Alley”, “Love Struck Baby”, and other songs when using a combination of some Major sounds. I am still going through the course but here is the idea of each remaining;

  • Lesson 3 - Box 2 licks (yep - that Albert King sound)

  • Lesson 4 - Box 3 licks

  • Lesson 5 - Box 4 licks (not so much a Stevie thing - but Clapton hangs out here)

  • Lesson 6 - Box 5 licks (major sounding because we are using Box 1 shape (remember the course 5 Essential Boxes)

  • Lesson 7 - Transitioning Box to Box licks

I will keep everyone up to date - looking forward to continuing my journey mixing techniques such as this course with learning solos - current project “Fly on” (Little Wing)!

Now, being a “Local” really helps because we get the latest updates to include re-vamping some older products as Anthony continues towards his domination of Texas Blues mentoring and teaching…

Thanks, Anthony”

-- Tony Ludwig , 10/29/2019
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“I have really enjoyed being a member of the Locals program. There is always something new and interesting to learn. I think that my playing is improving too. Anthony has a great style of teaching and is easy to follow. The Pro player is also a great tool, the ability to loop small sections until you get them right is great as is the option to import video from youtube. All in all, I highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in learning blues rock, it is invaluable.

Thanks, Anthony and keep it up.”

-- Steve Harvey , 10/29/2019
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“Fantastic site! I have any been playing electric guitar for 8 months and have progressed a ton. Great value to join Locals program for a year or do month by month. TXBA and justinguitar.com are the best guitar teacher sites on the internet in my opinion. I really like the style here of teaching licks as separate building blocks, and then compiling into solos. Too many good lessons here, I need more time to play!”

-- Michael from TX , 10/25/2019
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“I found Anthony a few years ago on YouTube. I enjoyed the free lessons he was posting. I noticed that he was very involved on YouTube and Facebook and started to follow what he was doing. Then I decided I needed to see what the Locals were all about. Wow…just WOW! The amount of information that was available when I first joined was overwhelming and it just keeps getting better. You would be hard-pressed to find a more involved teacher with a passion for sharing knowledge. His explanations are simple to understand and I can go back over and over and replay it in slow motion if need be. The styles covered are pretty much everything I like.

The five essential blues boxes changed my playing forever. They have given me a home base to work and explore. The diagrams were easy to follow and I was playing to jam tracks the same night. Did I mention how cool the long version backing tracks are? They allow you to practice what you’ve been learning on a long loop basis.

And…we have our own forum! A place to ask questions, post videos and just generally chat about guitar stuff. Is it worth the monthly fee? You bet it is!… The Locals have a library of information that is unmatched. What are you waiting for?… Let’s do this!”

-- L.T. Wright , 10/22/2019

“Hello all, let me just start by saying how life-changing it is to be apart of this program! I am 17 years old and I have been playing guitar for a little over 3 years. Now being the broke teenager that I am, I was browsing YouTube for some guitar tutorials, and I stumbled up Anthony’s YouTube channel and I was immediately blown away. I began to watch every video on Anthony’s YouTube channel because I found it to be so educational. I recently joined the TXBA Locals and I am proud to say that I have made tremendous progress using these courses. There’s no other program like Anthony’s, he cuts to the chase and gives you the keys to playing the blues. The blues are a special thing to learn, and to have someone as great as Anthony to teach us, is just amazing and I thank him for putting together such an amazing website and YouTube channel. With great admiration!”

-- Matthew S Vera , 10/21/2019

“The Locals program is amazing and has seriously helped me up my game where now I’d say I’m an advanced player now. Well worth the monthly fee!”

-- Roddy Fraser , 10/20/2019

“In the 4 months that I’ve been a member of TXBA Locals, my playing has improved a lot.

Like so many others I’ve been dabbling with other online instructors and have spent time on most of the popular YouTube channels. But I was looking for a more focused approach.

I came to TXBA intending to learn more SRV songs and solos, but not just note for note, but to also learn the techniques to really play in that style.

I’m now at the points where I can play 3 songs, and I feel I’m getting a handle on things like raking, muting, and the basis of that Texas Blues rhythm style.

The Speed Builders really work! I dedicated a lot of time to those early on and I’ve seen very impressive results. Not only learning about 15 great licks but now have the speed and muscle memory to really execute them.

As a last note, the Pro Player software that Anthony developed is a Killer App! The interactive tabs that sync with the videos, and the ability to zoom in, set loops, and change the speed is awesome.

I’m very pleased to be a member of the community and look forward to the road ahead! “

-- Scott R , 10/19/2019

“TXBA has been a great resource to me learning to play again after surgeries on both hands. Lesson layouts are explained well and can be picked up fairly quickly to get into it and start playing. If you like Hendrix, Stevie Ray, BB King and Clapton (etc) this is the best place to learn that style of playing. Months and months of practice material available to learn. Anthony is one of the best teachers/guitarists I have had the pleasure to learn from. Blues on!!”

-- Steve Wingate , 10/19/2019

“Before I ran into Texas Blues Alley I was kinda overwhelmed with my frustration of hearing the playing and licks of my hero’s music and trying to figure out how they did what they did and sounded the way they sounded.

Talking about Hendrix and Stevie Ray…It was a blur…I felt like screaming…You can only take that self-taught pentatonic thang so far. Mr. Anthony was able to demonstrate in real-time HOW to play stuff…He took his desire and creativity to show that if you really want to learn how to play blues….YOU CAN…”I wanna show you…Lord, I wanna show you….”

Excellent instruction, plus the man is a friggin engineer! Do you know how awesome the Pro Player is? I’m excited because I’m realizing that my only limitations are the ones I place upon my self! All the necessary tools are available. The rest is up to me. I gotta pick up that axe and practice! I really want to thank Mr. A and all you Brother Guitar Players for inspiring me to keep on keeping on!!! Yeah!!!”

-- Vincent McCauley , 10/19/2019

“Hi all,

I think I am the only Local who has had a subscription for over half a year without touching the guitar. Shit happens. And I am 60 yrs young The day after purchasing a Locals account I broke my wrist; however I did not cancel my subscription, I enjoyed watching and listening to the lessons.

I have had no guitar teaching ever. For 3 weeks, I can play 30 minutes a day. I am having lots of fun with the 5 essential boxes licks. This is a unique approach to learn licks. In the past, I did similar things from youtube, etc. The info I get on how to play where and when is invaluable (less is more) Maybe one day I will be able to learn the easy version of some songs. But hey lets rock n roll baby.

By the way, I am a huge johnny winter fan

Greetings from rainy Belgium!”

-- luc beeusaert , 10/18/2019

“I discovered this site back when it was called “Stevie Snacks”. Long before there were the “Locals” or the super Pro Player.

I guess the main thing that pulled me in was the way Anthony broke everything down and then showing how it all comes together. He offered different levels of difficulty and his videos were crystal clear and easy to follow. If you ever had an issue with a download or a problem with anything, he made it right.

Then TXBA Locals came along. At first, I was not sure if I wanted to join a membership but once I gave it a chance I was hooked. Being able to watch and learn anything at any time is sweet. It really helps keep things fresh for me.

Then there is the ProPlayer. What an awesome tool. So many features right at your fingertips and the Dashboard is easy to navigate. That is worth the price of admission alone in my opinion. If you want to learn how to play the blues or improve your playing and technique, this is the place. I know it has given me more confidence and I feel much more fluid when playing the blues.”

-- Mark Wallace , 10/18/2019

“Joined TXBA yesterday and although my guitar playing needs lots of work since I’m a beginner, I am so impressed with the technical organization and teaching formats provided to the “Locals”.

With the push of a few buttons, I can easily loop a section of the teaching that I may be struggling with. I can zoom in to easily observe what Anthony is doing on the fretboard and the instruction is just that, instruction….just what I need in my guitar journey! I look forward to coming back to the TXBA site every day!”

-- Ed Stott , 10/18/2019

“I am a complete novice at age 55. When I was a kid I had a guitar and learned some chords. I have not picked up a guitar in 40 years. I love the teaching method and software platform that TXBA uses. I now can rip out a 50 note BB King solo. The secret is that you need a great teacher with a great platform. This is not some guy on youtube showing you what to do with his cell phone camera. These lessons are professionally produced. I have recommended TXBA to others that want to learn guitar. What are you waiting for? “

-- Patrick Silva , 10/18/2019

“TXBA is an awesome site! Great place to learn the ins and outs of that SRV style playing!”

-- Joseph Viso , 10/18/2019

“I have only just purchased Texas Blues Alley, and have started doing the daily drills and exercises, and so far I am seeing a difference even in such little time, so for me purchasing TXBA has been the best money well spent. The depth that all the lessons and courses go into is amazing and I’m glad to be part of this community!”

-- George Dickson , 10/18/2019

“The courses here are amazing. The level of detail is insane. Far better than any Stevie Ray DVD or youtube instructional. The solos have elements from live performances making many of them better than the recorded versions. Thanks Anthony!”

-- john Eustace , 10/18/2019

“There are some great guitar teachers on the internet. Anthony is one of them. I don’t have to tell you that. But Anthony is an engineer by profession and that probably makes him so unique in his effort to make learning easier for us. The effort is really huge and crucial: imagine it would be possible for us to learn a solo in a very short time. That would make our training much, much better. And that’s exactly what he’s trying to do with his special player and the ability to make the loops follow each other, and that’s what you can’t actually pay for with any money so valuable and unique it is.

Best Regards from Berlin :D”

-- Janusz Hamerski , 10/18/2019

“So, the past couple of days myself and two good friends (Ken and Doug) played about 6 different SRV songs. We also belong to another group and Anthony knows the person pretty well who has these “live” get-togethers. It was our first time together playing these songs - here is the real testimony!!!

Ken and I are both Local members…and so we have been studying the following: Texas Shuffle Sweet Little Thang Whiskey, Win, and Gin Mary’s Lamb Shooting Cold…. (and some others - like 5 Essential Blues Boxes and Essential Techniques)

Both Intermediate and Advanced lessons….(and so we mixed the two lessons) and so we played - Pride and Joy, Cold Shot, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Tin Pan Alley, Love Struck Baby, and a couple of non-SRV songs….

My point is this - Anthony’s courses work…we played in front of folks and we got big kudos…. We were the only group of 11 that not only attempted SRV style playing but pulled it off…. If you learn these courses as Anthony lays out - you not only get the solo, you get the fills for the song….and rhythms from courses like Slows Blues It was incredible especially when Ken did the tremolo picking - the house went nuts!!!! I just want to say - Anthony Thanks!!!!! Without you, without your courses - we would not even come close to what we accomplished!!!”

-- Tony Ludwig , 10/17/2019

“Hi, I am a TXBA local.

I’ve been around the block a fair bit as far as online tuition goes & I have been to all the usual suspects. I came across TXBA through a love of Stevie and a free lesson Friday video and I haven’t looked back.

Recently I was thinking to myself where have I made the most progress as a guitar player, where has my money been best spent? It didn’t take long at all to realize that TXBA has done more for my guitar playing ability in 5 months than 2 years spent jumping from place to place wasting good money after bad.

I find the TXBA website to be very well structured, the pro player to be second to none, you just won’t find a course video player with the features the same anywhere else. I find Anthony to be a highly capable & methodical teacher whose voice won’t bore you to death and I find the courses to be challenging but so rewarding.

To any aspiring guitar player with a love for blues music I could not recommend TXBA highly enough, it will become your secret weapon that you will want to tell everyone about and keep secret all at the same time. “

-- Tony Urey-guest , 08/12/2018

“Like many people, I initially came across Anthony’s lessons that were posted on YouTube. I am a long-time hobby guitarist and a dyed-in-the-wool blues fanatic, so I decided to take a chance and joined the TXBA Locals. My expectations were pleasantly surpassed immediately. I spent (wasted) many years chasing, “false prophets,” and trying to muddle through tablature and trying to, “sound-out,” songs. Anthony’s teaching method is logical and he genuinely shows you HOW to play the music: what he does NOT do is to confuse you with music theory jargon in an attempt to show you how much he knows and which always ultimately confused me.

All of the TXBA lessons, from the fretboard and theory-related lessons to the artist-specific lessons, are so well thought out and are of such high quality that I find myself looking forward to learning guitar again. It’s the best value on the Internet. You can see Anthony’s passion for the music and that he, like us, is a genuine fan of this great music!

Thanks, Anthony and the TXBA team!

I had played guitar for over twenty years (and not very well, I’m afraid) and I had stopped progressing and was frustrated on how to improve my playing; like most of us, I work and squeezing formal lessons in is not really an option for me.

I had very limited experience in terms of playing music with other people and I’ve never been in a band (I would like to be in one and maybe play a gig one day). I joined the TXBA Locals and I’ve worked through several TXBA courses. I’m happy to say that, thanks to Anthony’s teaching, I was able to join in on a jam session last night (03/28/2018). While I certainly wasn’t the best player in the room, I was able to apply much of what I learned on TXBA and, “hold my own”; I even got to take a few solos (which came off great and it was a lot of fun). I still have a lot of learning/improving to do, but thanks to TXBA, I’ll definitely join the jam session again.

Thanks, TXBA!”

-- Dan, Queens, NY , 07/31/2017