Albert’s Influence: Slow Blues (2nd Edition) Slow Blues Soloing In The Style of Albert King

Learn the intense soloing style of Albert King in slow blues songs like Blues Power and Blues At Sunrise.

Albert’s Influence: Slow Blues (2nd Edition)


Albert King defined the modern sound of Slow Blues with songs like Blues At Sunrise and Blues Power. His bending-heavy style conveyed tension in a way that no one before him had done.

Stevie Ray Vaughan copied Albert’s slow blues playing, and millions of guitar players copied it from him. Whether players study Stevie or Albert directly, Albert’s influence on the sound of modern slow blues guitar cannot be overstated.

This course will teach you how to emulate Albert’s slow blues style, with all the tension, passion, and anger heard in his recordings.

Featured Videos

  • Overview

    Here’s an overview of what’s new in the 2nd Edition of this course.

  • Soloing Lesson

    This is the 60-bar solo that you’ll learn in this course.

  • Rhythm Lesson

    You’ll learn this rhythm guitar part in the Rhythm lesson.

2nd Edition Details

It Looks and Sounds Better

This course was originally produced in 2011, and shot at 720p resolution. All the source footage has been upscaled and enhanced to 4K resolution. The audio has been remastered, and the backing track has been upgraded with better drums, bass, and rhythm guitar parts.

New Rhythm Lesson

The 2nd Edition has a companion rhythm lesson teaching the rhythm guitar part heard in the new backing track. This rhythm part is a mix of chorded accents, shuffles, and more.

Albert’s Influence: Slow Blues (2nd Edition)
The LRI Framework

It's Easier To Study

The lessons in this course have been re-edited to utilize our more modern lesson format, including our LRI Format. LRI stands for:

  • Learn Licks
  • Repeat Phrases
  • Integrate Everything

The repetition of phrases, and integration of previous choruses is now built right into the lesson videos. After you learn several new licks in a row, you'll be prompted to repeat a phrase that incorporates those licks together, then try to integrate them with the rest of the chorus. No more rewinding, or switching videos to review. It's all baked right into the lessons.