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Ted Weber Neo-mag 15in Guitar Speaker


Ted Weber Neo-mag 15in Guitar Speaker

Update - Due to supply issues this speaker was unavailable for a while. The folks at Weber recommended that I try the California 15, which is similar, but with a ceramic magnet. I tried it and found it to be a very good substitute. So if the Neo-15 isn’t in stock, check out the Weber California 15 as a replacement instead.

I love this speaker.

Designed as a replacement for the famous JBL D130F (the original Fender Vibroverb speaker), this speaker is the perfect combination of fat low end and shimmery high end. The midrange is super mellow, and very pleasing.

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If you're a SRV fan and need a new speaker cabinet, consider a 1x15 cabinet loaded with this speaker.


  • Fat low end
  • Shimmery high end
  • Mellow midrange

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