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Zexcoil Pickups Custom Set


Zexcoil Pickups Custom Set

Zexcoil pickups are my official pickups. I first tried them in early 2013, and quickly became an endorser. They are the best pickups I’ve played - not just for the hum-cancelling, but for their incredible tone as well.

Zexcoils are built like no other pickups. They use one coil per string, and are hum-canceling by design - without the use of dummy coils or other tone-sapping ìtricksî.

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Buying Advice

  • You want great tone without the hum.
  • Other hum-canceling pickups have not impressed you


  • Brilliant tone, crystal clear high-end
  • The hum-canceling is incredible
  • No affect on strings when set high
  • I love how they look.


  • Neck - SV5O
  • Middle - SV2
  • Bridge - SV5+


  • 2013 - installed in both my SRV Strat and Grosh Retro Classic S.

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