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Don Grosh Retro Classic


Don Grosh Retro Classic

I was just visiting Austin on vacation in 2005 with no intention of buying a guitar but after playing this one, that all changed. It was a used model, still very expensive (for me), but that sound…..good grief, it was the best sounding guitar I’d ever played.

The combination of a swamp ash body and Brazilian rosewood fingerboard give this guitar an incredibly articulate, bright tone. It lacks the midrange punch that I like for most blues playing but every time I play it, I love how it sounds.


  • Extremely Articulate
  • Very Resonant
  • Very Playable


  • Swamp Ash Body
  • Maple Neck with Brazilian Rosewod Fingerboard
  • Zexcoil Pickups (SV5O/SV2/SV5+)
  • 'Blender' pot wiring
  • Graph Tech String Saver Saddles


  • 2008 - Refretted with jumbo frets
  • 2012 - Refretted with Stainless 6115 Frets
  • 2013 - Zexcoil Pickups Installed

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