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PRS S2 Starla


PRS S2 Starla

The S2 Starla is part of the PRS S2 line which is made in America, but without some of the fancier touches that grace the upper end of the PRS line. The body looks like a mix of a Les Paul and the signature PRS body. The pickups are quite bright for humbuckers, and the Bigsby gives it a certain look that I dig.

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You want a USA made PRS or LP style guitar but you don't care about fancy inlays, carved tops, or any of that fancy stuff that makes normal PRS guitars so expensive.


  • So weird looking that it's beautiful
  • Plays very smoothly
  • Coil-splitting for the Humbuckers
  • Price


I use this guitar when I want a Les Paul sound since I don't own a Les Paul.

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