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Bending Brushup: Problem Areas

Jul 16th, 2015

Bending Brushup Mini-Course

This is the first lesson in the Bending Brushup Mini-Course. The entire course is about an hour long and costs $9.99.

Bending can make or break your playing. Great bending is captivating, bad bending is irritating. But bad bending can be improved.

In this lesson we'll look at 3 problem areas that many player struggle with when developing their bending technique:

  • Hitting Your Pitch
  • Ending Bends Correctly
  • Bending Without A Point

If you like this lesson, you should check out the course. We'll cover more advanced topics, and there are plenty of exercises (with tablature) to help you take your bending technique to the next level.

Here's a list of what's covered in the rest of the course * Starting Pitch, Ending Pitch * Ending Your Bends * Multiple Target Notes * Picked and Unpicked Notes * Trajectory * Take-off / Ending speed

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