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Wampler Plexi-Drive Deluxe


Wampler Plexi-Drive Deluxe

The Plexi-Drive Deluxe builds on the very popular Plexi-Drive, one of Wampler Pedals most successful pedals ever. The new version adds a great deal of flexibility with a 3-band active tone control circuit, and it also boasts a TS-style boost packaged into a single control.

The nasal boost compliments the more transparent Plexi-Drive circuit, the two work together beautifully. The new tone controls make it possible to really adapt the “Marshall in a box” sound that the original Plexi-Drive was famous for, into a lot of different situations.

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Buying Advice

  • You want to use the "Marshall in a box" sound as a big part of your sound.
  • You want more tonal control over the original Plexi-Drive.


  • Tone controls add a lot of flexibility
  • Gain is very pleasing, just like the original
  • Boost is simple, yet effective
  • Boost is usable on its own.

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