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Silktone Fuzz


Silktone Fuzz

The Silktone Fuzz is a Germanium FuzzFace style circuit, but with the addition of a (patent pending) bias adjustment control and a cleanup knob, which accomplishes what you’d normally have to do with your guitar volume. The fuzz is smooth at every level, the bias adjustment opens up an entire world of different fuzz sounds, and the cleanup knob allows you to dial in that cleaned-up fuzz sound and leave it that way.

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This is a great choice for people who like the Fuzz Face style of fuzz, but want more control over the pedal, and want to be able to use is without having to be so careful about where it goes in the signal chain.


  • Smooth, pleasant Germanium Fuzz Tone
  • Usable Fuzz At All Levels
  • Bias adjustment allows for many fuzz variations
  • Cleanup knob allows for "rolled back" cleanish tones

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