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Catalinbread Naga Viper Treble Booster


Catalinbread Naga Viper Treble Booster

This is a souped up recreation of the classic Rangemaster treble booster pedal used by Clapton, Jimmy Page, and other guitarists in the 60s.

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If you want the quickest way to get that era of Clapton tone, this kind of pedal is the way to go. There are other Rangemaster style pedals which I haven't tried, but I'm quite happy with this one.


I like the adjustable frequence width. Not every use case demands a sharp piercing treble boost, some amps sound better with a little more mids mixed in. Being able to adjust the gain is nice too, making it easier to use with amps set at different grit levels.


I use this pedal primarily to get an early 60's Clapton-esque tone, ala the Bluesbreakers album. I set the amp a bit dirty, not very bright, then use this pedal to really push the high end.

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