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Fuchs Blackjack 21 MKII


Fuchs Blackjack 21 MKII

I’ve never really had a good high gain amplifier, until now. Metal guys might not consider this high gain, but the drive channel on this thing has way more gain than anything I’ve ever owned before. Most importantly it sounds great. Fuchs amps have a great, crisp clean tone. It just sounds really “solid”. Hard to describe. The gain channel sounds good at every level, and even at maximum gain the sound is smooth and rich. The footswitch has a switch for toggling between clean and overdrive channels, plus a boost that can be used on either channel. The result is an amp that could realistically be used without any pedals at all, providing great tone at 4 different (switchable) gain levels:

  1. Clean
  2. Clean (with boost)
  3. Dirty
  4. Dirty (with boost)

This amp hits a nice sweet spot between tone and affordability. Many boutique amps are over $2,000, but the Blackjack head can be had for around $1500, but is still built in the USA.

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This amp is a great choice for people who want both great clean tones and overdriven tones from the same amp, especially if you want to have the option to use a lot of gain.


  • Great solid clean tones
  • Rich, thick gain channel
  • Separate tone knob for overdrive channel

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