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Kemper Profiler

The Kemper Profiler is a truly great tool for people who need a variety of predictable tones in the studio, or on the go. It stores “profiles” of different amps, allowing you to choose from any of them whenever you want.

Everyone knows how unpredictable tube amps are, affected by weather, temperature, etc.. And recording an amp is even trickier. Once you find the sweet spot for the microphone, if you move it even a few inches, the recorded tone changes completely.

So what can you do to capture the magic that only happens on those days when your amps sound wonderful, and you find the sweet spot for the mic? Easy - you capture that whole setup with the Kemper Profiler and now you’ve got it forever at the touch of a button.

That’s what the Kemper does. It uses advanced digital algorithms to capture a snapshot of your entire amp/pedal/cabinet/microphone rig as a “profile”.

But you don’t have to profile your own amps, because other people have done it already. There are truly fantastic profiles of just about any kind of amp you can imagine, freely available with the included Rig Manager software.

I originally bought the Kemper profiler to use on my 50 Monster SRV Licks TrueFire course. I didn’t know what kind of gear they’d have at their studio, so figured if I could get my tones all setup in the Kemper, all I had to do was bring it with me and I’d know exactly how I’d sound on the course.

The profiles I used in that course were based on several profiles freely available with the Kemper rig packs. You can download the version of those profiles that I used here: Download.

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  • You need best-in-class tones of a wide variety of amps
  • You can need fantastic tones at super low volumes


It is the most convincing modeling device I've ever played through.


  • When low volume is required
  • When I'm in a hurry and don't want to mess with setting up mics
  • When I need a predictable tone away from my studio
  • When I want to experiment with tones not available in my other amps

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