Bending Brushup

A short one-hour course that helps you improve your bending technique.

Bending Brushup


Bending can make or break your playing. Good bending is captivating; bad bending is irritating. But bad bending can be fixed.

This Mini-Course will review bending basics, introduce some advanced topics, and challenge you to take your bending to the next level.

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Lesson Details

  • Lesson 1
    Lesson 1: Bending Problems

    In this lesson weíll look at three common areas that players struggle with. This lesson is free to watch for everyone.

    • Hitting Your Pitch
    • Ending Bends Correctly
    • Bending Without A Point
    • Lesson Video
  • Lesson 2
    Lesson 2: Bending Basics

    In this lesson we review the basic components of bending, and go through two exercises to work on each.

    • Starting Pitch
    • Target Pitch
    • Ending
    • Lesson Video
    • Tablature
  • Lesson 3
    Lesson 3: Advanced Bending

    In this lesson we focus on more advanced bending topics, with plenty of exercises to assist. First weíll look at bending sequences that have multiple target notes, and go through some exercises.

    Then, weíll look at how each note of a bend is picked. Weíll learn how picked notes, and un-picked notes sound different, and how to listen for each.

    • Lesson Video
    • Tablature
  • Lesson 4
    Lesson 4: Bending Trajectory

    In this lesson weíll study bending ìtrajectoryî. Trajectory is a fancy way of saying whether a bend is slow or fast. Weíll study both kinds, learning about how slow and fast bends differ in feel.

    Lastly weíll look at ìEasingî, which describes how fast or slow a bend starts, compared to how fast or slow it ends.

    • Lesson Video
    • Tablature


How is this Mini-Course different than the Essential Techniques Bending full course?

The Essential Techniques courses are extremely detailed, tedious, and difficult. They are heavy duty, textbook style courses that only the most serious players will want to buy.

The Bending full course covers a lot of what's in this Mini-Course, plus a lot more detail about the physical aspects of bending like fingertip placement and finger angle to the fretboard.

The Bending Brushup Mini-Course is a more lightweight tour through some less detailed bending topics. There is some overlap, but the exercises are unique to this Mini-Course

Do you cover bending vibrato in this Mini-Course?

No, that's a more advanced topic. I cover that topic in the Vibrato full course, which is part of the Essential Techniques Collection.