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Johnny’s Influence - Texas Hustle

Learn a 60-bar Johnny Winter style solo for the song Hustled Down In Texas.

Mixing Blues Rhythm & Lead, Volume 1

Learn how to mix blues shuffles with chords, patterns and strumming.

Mixing Blues Rhythm & Lead: Quick Fixes

Five Quick Fix lessons, each for a different style of blues rhythm.

Clapton’s Influence: Have You Ever

Learn a 60-bar Eric Clapton style solo for the song Have You Ever Loved A Woman

Clapton’s Influence: Worried Mind

Learn an extended length acoustic blues solo in the style of “Layla” by Eric Clapton.

Clapton’s Influence: Crossroad Blues

Learn an 84-bar Eric Clapton style solo for the song Crossroads.

Clapton’s Influence: Old Flame

Learn an Eric Clapton style solo for the song Old Love.

Mayer’s Influence: Bring Me Down

Learn an extended length John Mayer style solo for the song Gravity.

Texas Blues Speed Workshop

The road to faster blues guitar starts here.

Texas Hustle Rhythms - Vol. 1

In this course you will learn 10 different “Texas Hustle” rhythms.

Jump Blues Rhythms - Vol. 1

Learn 5 fun jump blues rhythms.

Texas Shuffle Breakdown #1

Learn a full performance in the style of “Pride And Joy”.

Texas Shuffle Quick Fix #1

Study a Pride And Joy style performance, without all the talking.

Texas Shuffle Rhythms - Vol. 1

Learn to play that wide open rhythm style from Pride And Joy.

Boogie Blues Breakdown #1

Learn a full performance In The Style of Rude Mood

Boogie Blues Quick Fix #1

Study a Rude Mood style performance at a comfortable tempo.

Boogie Blues Rhythms - Vol. 1

Learn 5 Boogie Blues Rhythms in the style of “Rude Mode”

Slow Blues Quick Fix #1

A “Quick Fix” format course for the song “Ain’t Gone ‘n’ Give Up On Love”.

Slow Blues Rhythms - Volume 1

Learn 5 simple rhythms to play over slow blues.

Rock and Roll Quick Fix #1

A “Quick Fix” style course for “Johnny B. Goode”

The Wind Cries Mary Song Guide

Learn The Sound And Feel Of This Classic Hendrix Tune

Funk Blues Rhythm - Volume 1

Learn 5 Funk Blues Rhythms

The Thrill Is Gone Song Guide

Learn the sound and feel of “The Thrill Is Gone”.

Bending Brushup

Practical tips for improving your bending technique.

La Grange Song Guide

The first step towards learning La Grange.

Simple Ballad Guitar Chords & Progressions

Learn how to play over 20 ballad chord progressions with just 5 chord forms.

6 Influential Blues Rhythms

Learn 6 famous blues rhythm styles.