Johnny’s Influence - Texas Hustle In The Style of “Hustled Down In Texas” By Johnny Winter

Learn to solo like Johnny Winter in a rockin’ blues song like Hustled Down In Texas.

Johnny’s Influence - Texas Hustle


Johnny Winter’s playing was always spectacular, but his unique style really stood out on the songs Hustled Down In Texas, Got My Mojo Workin, and Mean Old Frisco Blues.

Those songs share a fast backbeat blues rhythm, which is challenging to play over. Johnny’s soloing on these songs was perfectly paced, perfectly timed, and full of his signature style.

I’ve researched solos from all of his performances of these songs and combined my favorite parts into one massive 60-bar solo for this course.

Featured Videos

  • The Solo

    This video shows the exact solo that is taught note-for-note in the course.

Who's It For?

This course is for Intermediate players who are ready for a challenge, and for Advanced players who have never practiced soloing over a fast blues backbeat rhythm.

  • 60 Bar Solo
  • Tablature Included
  • Backing Track