Texas Shuffle Rhythms - Vol. 1

This course will teach you 5 rhythms in the style of Pride And Joy.


Texas Shuffle Rhythms - Vol. 1

If you’ve struggled to nail that huge, wide open rhythm sound in Pride And Joy, this is the course for you.

In this course you’ll learn 5 rhythms in that style, and the core techniques needed to play them cleanly. We’ll start with a simple rhythm, and work our way up to a rhythm that has all the chord accents and embellishments you need to make “that” sound.

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Who's It For?

This course is for Intermediate or Advanced players who have struggled to nail the feel and sound for the style of rhythm heard in Pride And Joy.

  • Learn 5 Texas Shuffle Rhythms
  • Tablature For Each Rhythm
  • Note-For-Note Breakdowns
  • Backing Track Video & MP3

What's In This Course

  • Lesson Videos
  • Tablature
  • Backing Track
  • Fretboard Diagrams