Blues Rhythm Courses

Mixing Blues Rhythm & Lead, Volume 1

Learn how to mix blues shuffles with chords, patterns and strumming.

Mixing Blues Rhythm & Lead: Quick Fixes

Five Quick Fix lessons, each for a different style of blues rhythm.

Simple 12-Bar Rhythm

40+ Rhythms that you can play over 6 progressions in any key

Texas Hustle Rhythms - Vol. 1

In this course you will learn 10 different “Texas Hustle” rhythms.

Jump Blues Rhythms - Vol. 1

Learn 5 fun jump blues rhythms.

Texas Shuffle Rhythms - Vol. 1

Learn to play that wide open rhythm style from Pride And Joy.

Boogie Blues Rhythms - Vol. 1

Learn 5 Boogie Blues Rhythms in the style of “Rude Mode”

Slow Blues Rhythms - Volume 1

Learn 5 simple rhythms to play over slow blues.

Heavy Swing Blues Rhythms - Volume 1

Learn 5 powerful swing blues rhythms.

Funk Blues Rhythm - Volume 1

Learn 5 Funk Blues Rhythms

6 Influential Blues Rhythms

Learn 6 famous blues rhythm styles.