Jump Blues Rhythms - Vol. 1

Learn 5 fun jump blues rhythms based on simple chords you already know.


Jump Blues Rhythms - Vol. 1

Good blues rhythm is about having the right tool for the job, and when it comes to playing an uptempo swing blues number, a normal blues shuffle isn’t always the right tool.

In this course I’ll teach you five rhythms to play over a Jump Blues track, based on simple chords you already know. The rhythms are slightly syncopated, but appropriate for intermediate level players.

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Who's It For?

Late-beginner or Intermediate players who are comfortable fretting chords, and want to improve their strumming and timing for swing blues.

  • Learn 5 Jump Blues Rhythms
  • Tablature For Each Rhythm
  • Note-For-Note Breakdowns
  • Backing Track Video & MP3

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  • Lesson Videos
  • Tablature
  • Backing Track
  • Fretboard Diagrams

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