Boogie Blues Quick Fix #1

This course presents a 168 bar solo in the style of Rude Mood at a comfortable tempo, with individual lick demonstrations in slow-motion.


Boogie Blues Quick Fix #1

This is the Quick Fix version of this course, if you’re looking for the Breakdown version, click here.

If you’re like a lot of SRV fans, you’ve probably tried to dig in to the song Rude Mood only to be quickly frustrated by the insane tempo, which falls somewhere in the ballpark of 260bpm (in 4/4).

What you’ll find in this Mini-Course is a 168-bar performance in the style of Rude Mood, with a lot of familiar themes, and performed at a much more reasonable 200bpm. The entire performance is chopped and structured like any other course, but without the talking break-down segments.

Featured Videos

  • Demonstration

    This is the full 168-bar demonstration documented in this course.

Who's It For?

This course will be most valuable to Intermediate and Advanced players who learn best by studying performances and don’t need note-for-note breakdowns.

  • 168-bar (14 choruses)
  • Individual lick demos (w/ Slow Motion)
  • Tablature
  • Backing Track