Texas Shuffle Breakdown #1

This course will teach you a 12-chorus performance in the style of Pride And Joy, note-for-note.


Texas Shuffle Breakdown #1

This is the Breakdown version of this course, if you’re looking for the Quick-Fix version, click here.

Pride and Joy is probably Stevie Ray Vaughan’s most well-known recording, and for good reason. The big, wide swinging sound defines the sound of modern Texas Blues.

What you’ll find in this Mini-Course is a 12-chorus performance in the style of Pride And Joy. You’ll learn many variations of the signature rhythm, and plenty of fiery soloing choruses to match.

Featured Videos

  • Demonstration

    This is the exact performance that you’ll learn note-for-note in this course.

Who's It For?

This course is best suited for intermediate to advanced level players who enjoy the convenience of having each lick broken down note-for-note.

  • Demonstration Video & MP3
  • 1hr 46m of Lesson Videos
  • Full Tablature
  • Backing Track Video & MP3