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Zexcoil Convertible Set


Zexcoil Convertible Set

While the Zexcoil Vintage series is best for single coil tones, and the Signature series is best for humbucker tone, the Convertible series is best for people who want the best of both worlds. In split mode (the default) they provide a very articulate, underwound single coil tone. In non-split mode, they produce the thickness and grit of humbuckers.

Both settings are very usable, and not so difference in frequency response or volume that they’d be unusable together.

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These pickups are best for players who really like the flexibility of having great single coil and humbucker tones to toggle between.


  • Great tones on either setting
  • Minimal change in volume
  • Acceptable change in treble


I use these pickups for styles where I like the option of thickening up my single coil sound at various times during the song.


Installed into my white MIM Strat in 2014.

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