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Zexcoil Pickups Signature Set


Zexcoil Pickups Signature Set

The Zexcoil Signature Set is a fantastic choice for guitarists who want to put humbucker strength tone into a strat. This set consists of a Throaty Bucker, Fat Single, and Juicy Bucker in the Neck, Middle and Bridge positions respectively. But that’s not all.

When installed with the ìSilent Splitî push/pull pot option, you can switch between humbucker and single coil tones with the push of a button. This is incredibly useful if you like the option of having both tones in the same guitar.

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You like the powerful sound of humbuckers, but you don't want the weight of a Les Paul, or you don't feel like switching guitars.


Since I don't own a Les Paul, I use a strat with these pickups when I need to approximate the tone of a famous Les Paul player, like Jimmy Page.


  • Neck: Throaty Bucker
  • Middle: Fat Single
  • Bridge: Juicy Bucker


  • 2013 - Installed in my Mexican Strat

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