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Zexcoil Convertible Tele Set


Zexcoil Convertible Tele Set

This set of pickups combines a Zexcoil Convertible Model T in the bridge, and a Convertible in the neck.


Zexcoil Convertibles can operate in two modes: Split and Series. In Series mode, the 6 coils are wired in series, and offer the punch and thickness of humbuckers. In Split mode, the 6 coils are wired as two sets of 3 in parallel. This gives you the shimmer and clarity of single coils.

Traditional Coil Splitting Humbuckers

Humbuckers with a coil-split option are not new, they’ve been around for years. While this option does make the pickup more flexible, allowing you to get a single coil tone in split-mode, it has a few problems:

  • They are primarily humbuckers, the split-mode (single coil) tone isn’t ideal.
  • Unusable jump (or drop) in volume when changing modes
  • Unusable jump (or drop) in brightness when changing modes
  • Single coil mode is no longer hum-canceling.

The Zexcoil Covertible Advantage

The Zexcoil Convertibles have several advantages:

  • Both voices sound great
  • Usable change in volume when switching modes
  • Usable change in brightness when switching modes
  • Both modes are hum-canceling.

The bottom line is this: Zexcoil convertibles give you a great humbucker tone, and a great single coil tones in the same pickup. Both voices are hum-canceling. The change volume and brightness is minimal, making it possible to use both modes in the same song.


Both pickups are wired to a push/push pot in my Tele which allows me to switch them independently. This gives me 8 possible tones:

  • Neck (split)
  • Bridge (split)
  • Middle (neck split, bridge split)
  • Middle (neck split, bridge series)
  • Middle (neck series, bridge split)
  • Middle (neck series, bridge series)
  • Bridge (series)
  • Neck (series)

Hum Canceling

Zexcoil pickups are hum-canceling by design. There are no dummy coils, nothing that “subtracts” from your tone. Everything in the pickup adds to the tone. The hum-canceling just happens because of how the coils are wired. It is extremely effective.


Zexcoil pickups have brilliant tone. Hum-canceling pickups have earned a bad reputation for sucking the brilliance and liveliness from your tone. Zexcoil pickups have no such compromise. You get best-in-class hum-canceling and amazing tone.

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These pickups are ideal for the person that plays a wide variety of material that demands both humbucker and single coil tones.


  • Hum Canceling
  • Brilliant Tone
  • Flexible Switching
  • Usable Humbucker and Single Coil Voices


I use these pickups when I want the flexibility of switching between humbucker and single coil voices.


Bridge: Zexcoil Convertible Model T Neck: Zexcoil Convertible

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