Boogie Blues, Rude Mood Style


Mar 14th, 2018

This is the solo that is the subject of two courses detailed below. It's a 14 chorus performance, borrowing many familiar themes from "Rude Mood" by SRV.

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Gear Used In This Video

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Boogie Blues Quick Fix #1

This exact solo is broken down into individual lick demos, without all the note-for-note teaching, in this course. Suitable for more advanced players who learn best by observation.

Boogie Blues Breakdown #1

This exact performance is taught note for note in this course, including demos for each lick, and the note-for-note teaching breakdowns.

Boogie Blues Rhythms - Vol. 1

If you're not quite at the level you want to be at to tackle the soloing portions, you can get started working on this style of rhythm in this course.

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