Fender Blues Junior Demo - Texas Flood


Dec 13th, 2007

A 2008 cover of Texas Flood to show off the Fender Blues Junior amp.

Shortly after purchasing my Blues Junior in Dec. of 2007, I recorded a demo of my rig at the time to a backing track for the song Texas Flood. While my playing was sloppy (as it always is when I'm out of shape), the tone was quite nice. :-)

I bought this guitar used in Austin Texas a few years ago and it opened my eyes to what a well built guitar can do for your playing. The guitar feels much more solid than my strat (mexican) and the tone is just incredible. The swamp ash body gives it a very light feel and a midrange dip in the tone. The brazilian rosewood fretboard is much brighter than indian rosewood. And the Lindy Fralin pickups just scream.

Making the video

I recorded the video of me playing with a JVC miniDV camcorder. I then imported the footage into iMovie '08. I then imported the audio file I had created in GarageBand and synced it up with the video. iMovie '08 make it easy to add professional looking titles to your videos very quickly. I then exported the video as a quicktime movie.