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Wampler Dual Fusion


Wampler Dual Fusion

This is an interesting pedal. It has two different OD circuits, each with a different voicing, based on other Wampler pedals. The two circuits are stackable, and reversible. Neither circuit is designed specifically for the kind of tone I want, but I’ve never heard a Wampler circuit I didn’t like.

The most astonishing thing about this pedal is how quiet it is, even with both sides at maximum gain, and both engaged.

It can produce some really thick sounding tones, without sounding like something a metal player would use.

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Buying Advice

  • You like using more distortion than a Tube Screamer can offer
  • You like multiple stages of gain/boost


  • Rich sounding overdrive and distortion
  • Many tone shaping options
  • Stackable circuits, in either order
  • Quiet


  • When I want a super thick overdriven tone that sounds very different than the typical Fender / Tube Screamer tone.

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