Tone Tuesday

Bill M. Blues Jr. Mods Review


Mar 24th, 2010

I've been asked on numerous occasions what I think of the Bill M. mods for Fender Blues Junior Amps. I could never answer that question because I had not ever heard any of his modded amps. I finally decided to get some mods done and less than $200 later, it's like having a brand new amp. The differences are very, very noticeable. Much more bass, a lot more brightness, and far more usable tone controls with more available gain.

Cheaper than a set of great pickups, these mods are a slam dunk in my opinion. Details about what I had done are below the video.

My Mods:

  • Basic mods
  • Heyboer TO20 output transformer
  • Presence control
  • Cathode follower
  • Switchcraft input jack
  • Preamp revoicing
  • TwinStack