Tone Tuesday

Holy Fire Overdrive / Distortion Demo


Jan 5th, 2009

The Holy Fire is a different kind of overdrive/distortion pedal. As someone who spent a lot of time modifying and studying traditional clipping circuits in college, I was instantly intrigued by the Holy Fire when I met up with Sarge from Creation Audio Labs at the Great American Guitar Show back in November (2008). I'll talk about it more in the video, but here's the things I like about the Holy Fire:Pros:

  1. Clean Boost is completely transparent
  2. The Overdrive circuit sounds bigger than most clipping circuits because it's not clipping, it's shaping.
  3. The Overdrive and Fuzz Circuits can work together to create many different levels and flavors of distortion.
  4. You have to hear it to believe it, but even when running at full blast, rolling back the volume on your guitar makes this pedal clean up like it's not even there. Unbelievable.


  1. Distortion circuit sounded a bit harsh on the highest levels, but it'm not a huge user of tons of distortion so I'm not the best judge of that.
  2. Because of it's transparency, it doesn't sound like traditional pedals that are really midrangy. This can be a downer if that's the tone you really want.† But a good thing if you want more natural sounding overdrive.
  3. 48v Power supply is a bit more inconvenient than traditional 9V, but does give the pedal a bigger sound.