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TXBA Live: Facebook 08/04/17

An afternoon livestream and chat with the TXBA Facebook crowd. Some good questions addressed in here.

Looking For Video Testimonials for Texas Blues Speed Workshop

If you're a member of TXBA Locals, or someone who's purchased Texas Blues Speed Workshop, I'm interested in getting a video testimonial from you for use on Texas Blues Alley.

Getting Ready for Texas Blues Speed Workshop

For the past 6 months, I've been working on a series of courses designed to help you build speed for blues guitar. This has been a challenging process because helping people build speed is a very different problem than showing…

TXBA Live - March 22, 2017

A live Facebook chat covering a range of topics about gear, tone, and general Q&A. This was a long one, about 1h20m.

Try Out The TXBA Pro Player For Free

A few weeks ago a prospective member emailed me to ask if the TXBA Pro Player would work on his Android phone. He was thinking about signing up for the Locals Program, but since he uses his phone for most…

Introducing TXBA Power Lines Electric Guitar Strings

I've been using heavy gauge strings, tuned down to E-Flat, for over 20 years. But I have never had a set of strings that matched my preferred gauges... until now. Today I'm happy to announce the availability of TXBA guitar…

The Top 20 Videos From TXBA in 2016

I combed through the stats for all the videos that were published during 2016 to find out which videos got the most people watching this year. So here they are, in descending order, the top 20 most-watched videos from TXBA…

Interactive SoundSlice Tablature - Now With Video

The TXBA Locals program launched in April 2015, and one of the major features the program offered was interactive tablature, powered by SoundSlice. In the months leading up to the launch date, I had to setup all these tablature scores…

RIP Bill M.

Bill Machrone, or simply Bill M. as most of you knew him by, passed away yesterday at the age of 69. Most of us in the guitar community came to know about Bill because of his world-famous mods for the…

9 Years Already? Thank you.

Nine years ago today (10/21/07), I uploaded a video to YouTube that started everything you see at TXBA today.

TXBA Live - Facebook - 08/17/16

Here's the recording of the Facebook Live chat from 8/17/16. A list of questions answered is below the video.

TXBA Live - Facebook Chat 08.10.16

For this Facebook Live stream, I added a few more camera angles so I could demonstrate things on the guitar. The questions addressed are below the video. I showed a cool picking drill, and 3 core SRV licks.

TXBA Live - Facebook 080316

I'm experimenting with some live streaming software and last night I did a 35m Q/A session on Facebook Live. Here's a recording of the livestream. The last minute or two of this video did not get included in the video…

TXBA Studio Tour - July 2016

This week I was able to move my shooting rig up to the main level of the barn, but made a quick video showing how I had it setup in the basement since last July.

The New Full Courses Guide

Among the most common emails I field are those asking for guidance about what's a good place to start if you're brand new to TXBA. After 9 years, and 35+ courses, that's not an easy question to answer.

A Guide To The New TXBA Look

Today I published some changes to the TXBA Site that affect how you navigate around the site. I feel these changes make everything look more neat and clean, and definitely improve usability on mobile devices. To help you get used…

D’Angelico Guitar Giveaway Winner

It took a few weeks to notify the winner, confirm addresses, pack and ship the guitar, get some pictures, and gather some information. But today, I'm very happy to announce the D'Angelico Guitar Giveaway Winner: Oscar Gomez from Apple Valley,…

Goodbye DVDs, Hello Big Savings

I've made the decision to stop producing DVD versions of my courses. What's left of my inventory is being sold off at a sizable discount until it's gone.

D’Angelico Guitars EX-SS Giveaway

This giveaway has ended

I've teamed up with D'Angelico Guitars to give away one of their beautiful EX-SS model guitars. I'll be using this guitar throughout the month of April in a series of Free Lesson Friday videos.

Hunter Jay Stauffer

Just a quick note to let you all know that last week my wife gave birth to our second son, Hunter Jay Stauffer. Both boy and mom are doing great, and Austin is a big fan of his baby brother…