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What’s New In TXBA Pro Player 7.5

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Nov 11th, 2020

Hey everyone, sorry I've been MIA for the past few months, but I'm on a mission to make our TXBA Locals program as efficient as possible. So I've developed some new features for our online player to help our members study faster, take notes, and get back to where there were (on any device) as quickly as possible.

Quick Review

The TXBA Pro Player is an online tool that I created for our members. It is what they use to study courses online. Using the Pro Player they can watch course videos, use interactive tablature, play backing tracks, and do drills. The Pro Player is packed with professional study features that make it incredibly efficient to study any course or video from YouTube.

What's New

Below you will find two videos. The first is just a quick overview of the new features, and below that is a Quick Start guide that walks you through the entire player and highlights ALL the features, not just the new ones.

New Features Overview

Quick Start Guide

Here is the Quick Start guide for the Pro Player which will quickly explain all the features in the player.

How To Join

TXBA Locals has grown a lot this year. More and more people in the TXBA audience are realizing that if they're serious about improving their blues guitar playing, it is worth investing in a program that has the best tools, and courses focused on what they love.

Join us, you'll love it.

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