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The Setlist Podcast #10 - Pro Player V7 Nerd Fest

With the release of Version 7 of our TXBA Pro Player, I took some time to talk about the nerdy details about how this version of the player is different than the previous one. You've been warned.

The Setlist Podcast #009: How Powerful…
  • Speed Course(s) updates
  • TXBA Power Lines Guitar Strings
  • Instant Loops for all Free Lessons for TXBA Locals
  • Trip to Austin in April
  • How Powerful Does Your Amp Need To Be
The Setlist Podcast #008 - Speed Course…

An update about the upcoming speed courses, some new features for TXBA locals, a fascinating pickup dissection over at Zexcoil, and my new favorite band, Rival Sons.

The Setlist Podcast #007: How Good Could YOU Be?

In this episode of The Setlist Podcast, I'll talk about the recent studio tour, Facebook Livestreaming, and a gentle rant about comparing yourself to others.

The Setlist Podcast #006: Rock’n’Roll,…

A rundown of what's new, some thoughts on what a Quick Fix course is, and answering your questions.

The Setlist Podcast #005: Properly…

Updates for the barn, what's new at TXBA, and some thoughts on creating compelling musical experiences online.

The Setlist Podcast #004: Thoughts On…

In this episode I softly rant about guitar practice, how much is enough, what's the "right" way to practice, and why there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

The Setlist Podcast #003: The Full Story…

As many of you know, before Texas Blues Alley, I ran a site called StevieSnacks. In 2014, StevieSnacks was shut down, and Texas Blues Alley took its place. It might seem a little bit nuts to shut down a successful…

The Setlist Podcast #002: Community QnA

This episode is a community Q&A episode. We'll address questions about gear, technique, and music.

The Setlist Podcast #001: This Old Barn

In this low-key, unplanned inaugural episode of The Setlist Podcast, I mostly ramble on about the TXBA Barn, and share some thoughts about the community of people surrounding and supporting this business.