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The Amazing TXBA Pro Player 7.3

Earlier this year I published a big update to our online player. Version 7 brought a bunch of new features, but I didn't stop there.

The What, Why & How Of Your Guitar Journey

Why do some guitarists stop playing for years, or even decades? I think it has a lot to do with the "How" of their guitar journey. What does that mean? I'm glad you asked.....

YouTube Import in TXBA Pro Player V7

Ever wish you could actually study one of those great live concert videos on YouTube? Well.. now our TXBA Locals members can do just that.

Introducing “Loop Stacking” in Version 7 of the TXBA Pro Player

Six months ago I started working on a major update to the TXBA Pro Player (that's the online player our TXBA Locals use to watch our courses). Version 7 of the Pro Player is now officially live, so I wanted…

TXBA Turns Five Years Old

It was on this day 5 years ago that Texas Blues Alley officially opened. But wait... didn't TXBA turn 10 years old in 2017? Well, not really.

The 4 Amazing Performances of “Old Love” That Inspired My New Course

Whenever I put together an "Influences" course based on a particular song, I seek out as many live recordings of that song as I can find. This used to be a lot harder, but thanks to YouTube's fairly progressive copyright…

Three Cool New Features In “Clapton’s Influence: Crossroad Blues”

Over the past 10 years, I've continually improved the production quality of my videos, as well as the educational quality of the lesson format. I've added three new features in my most recent course Clapton's Influence: Crossroad Blues that make…

There’s A Better Way To Study Crossroads

No matter how you've tried to learn the Crossroads solo before, you won't find a more "study friendly" format than Clapton's Influence: Crossroad Blues.

TXBA Live, Facebook, 11/30/18

I had a small block of time yesterday late afternoon, so I hopped onto Facebook live to answer a few questions, and drop some hints about upcoming courses.

Take Part In The Thanksgiving Ballad Community Jam

Update Thanks for taking part, the video has been posted. This year for Thanksgiving, we're going to try something new. Instead of me doing some kind of course or performance, it's your turn. I'll provide the track, you record a…

The Top 5 SRV Performances Of “Tightrope”

When I was in college trying to learn as much SRV material as possible, bootleg recordings were hard to come by. You had to know a guy who knew a guy, or pay top dollar at an independent music store…

The New TXBA Stage

Here's a behind the scenes look at the new stage I built in the TXBA Barn.

The New Free Lesson Friday Section

Several weeks ago I published a major update to how Free Lesson Friday videos were organized. Here's an overview of how the new features work.

TXBA Power Lines Strings Are Back In Stock

Last year I needed some strings, but nobody made them in the exact gauges I liked. So I went out and had some custom TXBA branded string sets made.

Texas Shuffle Theme Recap

Over the past few months I've been focusing on a style of blues called Texas Shuffle, with Pride And Joy as the focus. During that time I produced a series of courses and free lessons all based on that **Texas…

Jimmie Vaughan Tells The Story About Stevie Meeting Albert King

I've read this story from several sources over the years, but this has to be my favorite. As part of The Bullock Texas State History Museum's Texas Story Project, Jimmie Vaughan told the story of how a young Stevie Ray…

InTheBlues YouTuber Guitar Summit #4

Last Friday I was invited to join Shane Diiorio (who runs the InTheBlues channel on YouTube) to join a livestream with several other YT'ers who are popular in the guitars & gear space.

New Comments, Questions & Answers Feature For the TXBA Pro Player

Today the TXBA Locals program gets a little bit more "community" focused. Up until this point, members studied by themselves, alone with whatever course they were working on.

Boogie Blues Theme Recap

Over the past 6-8 weeks I've been producing courses related to a central theme: Boogie Blues. This wasn't by accident, it's part of a plan that I've come up with for this year. I'll be covering several "themes" this year,…

The TXBA Thanksgiving Ballad Tradition: 2009-2017

On Friday July 31st, 2009, I walked away from a 10-year career as a software engineer to run StevieSnacks (the predecessor to TXBA) as my full-time job. Walking out of the building that last day was one of the strangest…