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A Complete List Of Thanksgiving Ballad Resources At Texas Blues Alley

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Nov 22nd, 2023

If you're in the mood to relive the Thanksgiving Ballad tradition, here's a list of every lesson and course I've done on the subject.

Free Lessons

Here's a list of the free lessons on this song.


Here's a list of courses on the Thanksgiving Ballad

Thanksgiving Ballad Complete Course

This course (completed in 2014) contains an hour-long rhythm lesson, and a note-for-note solo lesson of the performance I recorded in 2013.

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Thanksgiving Ballad 2016 Quick Fix

This is a quick-fix format course that dissects a performance of the song recorded in the TXBA Barn from 2015.

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Backing Tracks

If you just want the backing track, you can find it here.


Here's a list of performances of this song. Some of them are just me, others include members of the TXBA Locals program.

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