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Announcing Albert’s Influence: Slow Blues (2nd Edition)

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Dec 15th, 2023

After 12 years, the Influences course that started it all is getting a significant update.

Released in 2011 (during the StevieSnacks era), Albert's Influence: Slow Blues was my first artist Influence course. But in the 12 years since, I've improved every part of my production process, and this course was starting to look a bit dated.

I decided to give it a TXBA makeover and bring it up to the same level of quality as my newer courses. The end result is much closer to what I would produce today, if I were creating this course for the first time.

2nd Edition Details

List Of Enhancements

If you were too impatient to watch the video, here's a list of updates and enhancements in the 2nd Edition:

  • New rhythm lesson teaching the accompanying rhythm guitar part heard in the backing track.
  • Lessons have been updated to incorporate all my lesson format improvements, including the LRI framework (Learn Licks, Repeat Phrases, Integrate Everything).
  • Original video footage upscaled to 4K resolution (they were initially shot in 720p).
  • I remastered the demonstration and backing track with better drums, bass, and rhythm guitar recordings.

When Will It Be Ready?

I am planning to have this finished by Dec. 24th.

How Can I Get It?

Join The Locals

The best way to study this course (and every other course we have) is by joining our TXBA Locals program. You'll have instant access to this course when it is released and weekly, bite-sized lesson challenges to keep things interesting. Learn more about the TXBA Locals Program here...

If you're ready to sign up, join the Locals program here...

Buy the 4K Downloads

For a limited time, you can purchase the downloadable version of this course with a 4K resolution video option. These videos will be quite large, so I'll also include a smaller resolution option.

This special 4K 2nd Edition will only be available to buy through 12/31.

Pre-order Here

Already Own It?

If you're one of the many people who purchased this course at some point in the past 11 years, you will soon receive an email with instructions on how to purchase the 2nd Edition at a special upgrade price.

I really enjoyed taking this old course and making it look brand new. I hope you love studying it as much as I loved updating it.

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