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Blues Links Roundup for 08.21.23

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Aug 21st, 2023

Here's a collection of blues-related links from around the web. A little bit of history, and some new music from great artists.

Smithsonian releases Mack McCormick’s musical archive revealing an unheard history of Texas blues

Robert “Mack” McCormick served as an oracle to an eager following of blues enthusiasts. He built renown as a dogged researcher and a brilliant writer interested in regional music, vernacular, culinary trends — anything that lent a region a particular flavor. Through parts of the 1950s and ’60s, McCormick amassed an archive of field recordings of blues musicians, detailed notes and scholarly writings. He called it “the Monster.”

Now the Smithsonian, which acquired the archive nine months ago, has released “Playing for the Man at the Door,” a box set composed of 66 songs, essays and scores of photographs.

Documentary explores how Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan brought Texas blues to the masses

A new documentary, “Jimmie & Stevie Ray Vaughan: Brothers in Blues” follows them from the Oak Cliff neighborhood to the top of the music charts. Producer and director Kirby Warnock told the Texas Standard he drew in part on his own memories of watching some of the Vaughan brothers’ earliest performances.

The Myths and Melodies of Forgotten Bluesman Texas Alexander

Today only hard-core blues fans and fellow musicians remember Alexander’s name, in part because his recording career was brief and his early death came before the blues revival of the 1960s. But his talent was undeniable, and he left a lasting mark on dozens of legendary artists, from Lightnin’ Hopkins to legendary blues guitarist Lowell Fulson.

Stevie Ray Vaughan defined the sound of contemporary blues guitar – here are 20 techniques you can learn from the Stratocaster master

Get inside the Texas blues icon’s style with this in-depth lesson on his incendiary playing

Total Guitar contributor Jon Bishop with a solid lesson on some SRV techniques.

If you're reading this on TXBA, you probably already know about my extensive collection of free SRV blues guitar lessons and SRV blues guitar courses.

Texas Blues Rocker Lance Lopez Celebrates Release Of New Album "Trouble Is Good" With New Video And Tour

On July 14th, Lopez released his brand new album Trouble Is Good, an all-original album and his first in over five years that surely marks the culmination of this brilliant artist’s extraordinary journey from young Texas blues prodigy to one of the most vibrant voices in guitar-based music today!

Song Premiere: Ally Venable with Buddy Guy “Texas Louisiana”

Today, we premiere the lead single off Real Gone!, “Texas Louisiana,” a barn-burning and crackling duet between Venable and Guy. Together the two bookend the everlasting fire of the blues, tapping into the soul of the genre by tossing energy and riffs back and forth with grace, heat and ease. They intertwine their vocals and guitar work, allowing their identities to dissolve as musical imprint contracts and releases like one beating heart.

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