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TXBA Live - Facebook 080316

I'm experimenting with some live streaming software and last night I did a 35m Q/A session on Facebook Live. Here's a recording of the livestream. The last minute or two of this video did not get included in the video…

TXBA Studio Tour - July 2016

This week I was able to move my shooting rig up to the main level of the barn, but made a quick video showing how I had it setup in the basement since last July.

The New Full Courses Guide

Among the most common emails I field are those asking for guidance about what's a good place to start if you're brand new to TXBA. After 9 years, and 35+ courses, that's not an easy question to answer.

A Guide To The New TXBA Look

Today I published some changes to the TXBA Site that affect how you navigate around the site. I feel these changes make everything look more neat and clean, and definitely improve usability on mobile devices. To help you get used…

D’Angelico Guitar Giveaway Winner

It took a few weeks to notify the winner, confirm addresses, pack and ship the guitar, get some pictures, and gather some information. But today, I'm very happy to announce the D'Angelico Guitar Giveaway Winner: Oscar Gomez from Apple Valley,…

Goodbye DVDs, Hello Big Savings

I've made the decision to stop producing DVD versions of my courses. What's left of my inventory is being sold off at a sizable discount until it's gone.

D’Angelico Guitars EX-SS Giveaway

This giveaway has ended

I've teamed up with D'Angelico Guitars to give away one of their beautiful EX-SS model guitars. I'll be using this guitar throughout the month of April in a series of Free Lesson Friday videos.

Hunter Jay Stauffer

Just a quick note to let you all know that last week my wife gave birth to our second son, Hunter Jay Stauffer. Both boy and mom are doing great, and Austin is a big fan of his baby brother…

The TXBA 2016 Winter NAMM Report

Last week I flew out to sunny California for the 2016 Winter NAMM show, and this year's show did not disappoint. It was an exhausting 4 days but what a great experience. Here's a report of what I saw, what…

TXBA Pro Player Version 5 Quick Tour

I'm releasing a big update to the TXBA Pro Player today. Even though Version 4 just came out a few months ago (with Instant Loops), Version 5 is ready with a big new feature. The video below covers the changes…

52 Weeks In 15 Minutes - The TXBA 2015 Year In Review

Sit back, grab a drink and take a walk through 2015 with me as we recap everything that happened around the Alley last year. A list of related links can be found below the video.

Introducing Instant Loops - What They Are And How To Use Them

I have found looping to be one of the most useful tools for learning guitar solos. In fact, when I was first starting out, looping was the only tool I had. Looping isn't complicated, you just pick a start, end,…

TXBA Pro Player V4 Changes & Improvements

In about another week, we'll be announcing a major new feature for our Pro Player. But there's a bunch of smaller improvements and changes that have been in the works for several months, so we're publishing all those smaller changes…

The 3 Things To Expect From TXBA Before Christmas

As we enter the final two months of 2015, I wanted to let you know what to expect as this year draws to a close. Here are the three things you'll see before Christmas: 1. A big new feature for…

The Pro Player Now Has Keyboard Shortcuts

I love it when a member of the TXBA Locals thinks of a way I can make the program better. About a month ago, one of my Locals asked if I could add keyboard shortcuts to the Pro Player. What's…

2015 Was Supposed To Be Easy, Here’s What Happened Instead

What a crazy year this has been. If you've been following my posts on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, ...then you already know why. If not, allow me to tell you the story of why 2015 has not been easy, but…

Improvements to our FAQ Section

TXBA Headquarters isn't the most glamorous place along Texas Blues Alley. There's no lessons, no gear videos, nothing.... fun. But when you need help or information, you'll be glad Headquarters is there.

Cool things I found at Summer NAMM 2015

I work alone pretty much all the time, and I live in the middle of Pennsylvania - not exactly a hub of activity for the music industry. That's fine, I don't mind living somewhere boring as long as I get…

30+ Years of Blues Rock On Letterman

Last night (5/21/15) was David Letterman's last show. Over the years Dave's show (first at NBC, then at CBS) has occasionally featured blues, and blues rock acts - and Dave appeared to genuinely appreciate this style of music. Thankfully these…

Is TXBA Locals Worth It For Existing Customers?

This question was posed by several loyal TXBA customers, and I'm sure more people will ask the same. Here's why I think TXBA Locals may (or may not) appeal to the existing TXBA customer.