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The Amazing TXBA Pro Player 7.3

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Aug 26th, 2019

Earlier this year I published a big update to the online player our TXBA Locals use to watch courses. The Version 7 Update was a huge overhaul of the entire player, but it had two big new features:

As soon as that version of the player was done, I got right back to work. All through this summer I coded, debuged and tested. I have had about 20-50 members of the Locals testing the new features all summer long, helping me refine them.

Today they are ready for all of you. Version 7.3 of the player is available now, and you can start using it immediately when you join the TXBA Locals. Here's a video showing off the new features and improvements I added this summer.

This has been an extremely enjoyable summer of coding for me. In my old life (before StevieSnacks and TXBA) I was a software developer and it seems that I have found a way to bring my old career along into my new one.

In all seriousness, if you like the material here at TXBA, you will love being a Local. Join us today and start learning faster than you thought possible.

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