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YouTube Import in TXBA Pro Player V7

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May 17th, 2019

Ever wish you could actually study one of those great live concert videos on YouTube? Well.. now our TXBA Locals members can do just that.

Version 7 of our TXBA Pro Player has a new feature that allows you to bring over videos from YouTube and study them using A/B Looping, Slow Motion, and Video Zoom. Here's a video that demonstrates how it works.

I read it in the video, but here's a quick testimonial from Bob L., who sent me this just three days after signing up.

Thanks so much Anthony, I’m on day three and I’m absolutely blown away by the value of your site. Have already learned licks 1-6 on BB’s influence and am working on 7&8. I brought over a great YouTube video of BB and John Mayer and have got the first couple phrases figured out. Which is something my lazy self just wouldn’t take the time to do. But with the tools on the pro player makes it totally doable and downright fun. I feel like I’m cheating on an exam! A song that I’m playing in my band is the Healer with John Lee Hooker and Carlos Santana. I’ve been faking a good part of the solo but now I have the confidence that I can learn it as accurately as I want. That’s the next video coming over! Once again thank you. And I can now start asking myself why I waited so long

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