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Improvements to our FAQ Section

TXBA Headquarters isn't the most glamorous place along Texas Blues Alley. There's no lessons, no gear videos, nothing.... fun. But when you need help or information, you'll be glad Headquarters is there.

Cool things I found at Summer NAMM 2015

I work alone pretty much all the time, and I live in the middle of Pennsylvania - not exactly a hub of activity for the music industry. That's fine, I don't mind living somewhere boring as long as I get…

30+ Years of Blues Rock On Letterman

Last night (5/21/15) was David Letterman's last show. Over the years Dave's show (first at NBC, then at CBS) has occasionally featured blues, and blues rock acts - and Dave appeared to genuinely appreciate this style of music. Thankfully these…

Is TXBA Locals Worth It For Existing Customers?

This question was posed by several loyal TXBA customers, and I'm sure more people will ask the same. Here's why I think TXBA Locals may (or may not) appeal to the existing TXBA customer.

Announcing TXBA Locals - Let Us Work For You

Two years ago when I began dreaming up Texas Blues Alley, part of that dream was to have a site where people like me could really "belong". It's taken me until now to make that possible. The title for this…


If you've got a question about the new TXBA Locals program, it's probably answered here.

How You Changed My Life

Lots of people dream about leaving their job to play guitar for a living. For guitar players, this doesn't usually happen without the help of a record label and lots of press from guitar magazines. But this isn't always the…

This Is My Story

In a few weeks I'll be announcing a major new feature on TXBA. But before I do, I'm telling a story about how TXBA came to be. The TXBA starts with my story, and here it is.

Dream Catcher: Rock n’ Roll Dreamer

Riff is an online journal published by TrueFire. It features articles on a variety of guitar-related subjects, including profiles of the teachers and players they hire to create courses for them. I've done two courses for them in the past,…

TXBA Gets A Facelift

While I was napping for the past few weeks, I found some time to finish up an extensive set of changes to the TXBA "look". These changes were published last week, so here's a video explaining what's different and what's…

TXBA 2015 Winter NAMM Report

Last week I went to the 2015 Winter NAMM show, a nice ending for my vacation. I'm not a reporter, so this is not a comprehensive report of the whole show. But I did see a few cool things that…

I need a nap

Before we fire up the cameras for 2015, I'm going to do something that's not easy, but very necessary. I'm going to sign off for a few weeks to recharge.

TXBA 2014 Year In Review

In December 2013, Texas Blues Alley existed only as a vision in my mind, and some design mockups. Today it's more successful than StevieSnacks ever was. This is all your fault. So what the heck did we do this first…

The surprising truth behind how I make money at TXBA

Take a walk down Texas Blues Alley and look around. What do you see? Videos - lots and lots of videos. Most of them are free. Now consider this. Since 2009, this has been my job. I don't go into…

Free Lesson Friday Roundup: 17 Hendrix Free Lessons

If you're like most TXBA fans, you primarily surf what's "new", looking for the latest free lesson, etc... Nothing wrong with that, I do it too. But you miss a LOT of stuff if you don't go exploring. Because I…

My Unfortunate Experience With NosePedal

Update 1/14/16

Nosepedal is for sale and is not taking any orders.

E-Flat Tuning, A History Lesson

If you're a newcomer to TXBA, there's some history here that will help explain why many of my older lessons use E-Flat tuning. Before I built Texas Blues Alley, I ran a site called StevieSnacks. I began StevieSnacks as a…

The Difference Between Mini-Courses and Full Courses

Among the many new things at TXBA this year, most of you have noticed a new form of content called Mini-Courses. These smaller courses will play a large role at TXBA in the future so I wanted to take a…

Chasing Tone, The New Podcast From Wampler Pedals

You can't throw a stick without hitting a new boutique pedal company these days. Texas Blues Alley is very much a boutique site, but with surprising reach considering the focus. I've interacted with a few boutique pedal companies who mostly…

I’m Changing The Rules, Because I Can

I returned from Florida on April 16th, exhausted from an intense 2-day shoot for TrueFire. My calendar told me that Texas Blues Alley was supposed to launch in two days, but my body was telling me ìuh,.... no.î I've released…