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Jun 29th, 2016

Among the most common emails I field are those asking for guidance about what's a good place to start if you're brand new to TXBA. After 9 years, and 35+ courses, that's not an easy question to answer.

But, coming from an engineering and programming background, I like to put complicated problems into flowcharts. So I've put together a flowchart that guides you through the courses, and hopefully gives you a clear starting point.

This guide is embedded in the Full Courses page (just click the Show Guide button), but I've also embedded it here as well for your convenience.

The names of courses, and the boxes representing course collections are all clickable and will take to the respective course or collection page.

SimpleLayer 1Do You Know Basic Music Theory?ESSENTIALTHEORYDo You Understand The Fretboard?ESSENTIALFRETBOARD5 ESSENTIAL BLUES BOXESWhats Your SkillLevel?Topics5 BOXESESSENTIAL LICKSTopicsInfluences CollectionB.B.’S INFLUENCEEssential TechniquesCollectionTHE GRIPSRV Style Solo Matrix(Advanced Level Solos)Texan Floods (Advanced)Texan Floods (Advanced)TEXAN FLOODSADVANCEDSRV Style Solo Matrix(Intermediate Level Solos)Texan Floods (Advanced)Texan Floods (Advanced)TEXAN FLOODSINTERMEDIATESRV Style Solo Matrix(Beginner Level Solos)Texan Floods (Advanced)Texan Floods (Advanced)TEXAN FLOODSBEGINNERSIMPLE 12-BARRHYTHMSoloingRhythmTechniqueTechniqueSoloingNoNoYesYesBeginnerAdvancedIntermediateSTART

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