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Aug 10th, 2016

For this Facebook Live stream, I added a few more camera angles so I could demonstrate things on the guitar. The questions addressed are below the video. I showed a cool picking drill, and 3 core SRV licks.


  • Jeff Brand Do you ever do TXBA contests and giveaways?
  • Jeffrey Richard Have you seen Mayer's joint live stuff with Keith Urban? Good stuff.
  • Jeff Brand Is there a Groupon for TXBA? LOL! LOVE TXBA!
  • Jeffrey Richard Do you have a band these days? I know you played out some time back...any recent or upcoming live shows?
  • Ben Wilson Anthony, have you ever considered doing a lesson on blues inspiration in other genres (maybe classic rock)? Angus Young blues would be a sick lesson!
  • Diego N. Quintero what kind of pickups it has?
  • Letícia Bardini Alves how to apply the licks on the scale ?
  • Carlos Reyes how do you setup your pickup heights?
  • Danny Pace What would you recommend for teaching my son who loves blues music
  • Mike Keith the weather in ohio is playing havoc on my guitars set up, going from heat to ac, do you have that problem?
  • Rudy Torres What settings do you have on your BLues Jr right now?
  • Miguel Chumpitaz Can you teach us the three fast licks most used for SRV, please?
  • João André What do you think of Laney amps? I just bought a Cub 12. Also, I've been wondering which vibe and fuzz pedals should I buy to get that Hendrix sweet sweet sound (well in a budget ofc). Do you use any fuzz or just crank the amp with the tube screamer?
  • Saian Saied Could You show us some lick ideas, that use odd note groupings, such as 5, or 7?
  • Vitor G Planellis are with Zexcoil pickups ?
  • Donnie Norman What guitar are you playing?
  • Steviej Daniels What's the easiest Jimi Hendrix song to learn

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