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Texas Flood Performance - For Texas Flooding

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Sep 2nd, 2017
Texas Flood Performance - For Texas Flooding

Last week, Houston TX was buried under enough rain to fill the Houston Astrodome 85,000 times, an estimated 27 trillion gallons.

Most of you know that I'm not actually from Texas, I try to stay nice and cool up in Pennsylvania. But over the past 9 years, the people of Texas who visit this site have been incredibly kind and supportive of me, and I'd like to return the favor.

A TXBA fan on Facebook suggested that if I performed a cover of the song Texas Flood, that he'd donate some money to the relief efforts. So I did. And now he, and all of you can help out, simply by purchasing the tabs and backing track for $10.

I'm going to be donating 100% of every purchase of this package to the Houston Food Bank, who will be providing meals for displaced families for quite some time. So take a few minutes and watch the video, and consider chipping in.

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